A global blood technology company was spinning off from a large Pharmaceutical company which required new hardware, new processes and procedures, including a significant upgrade to Microsoft Office and Microsoft Enterprise Solutions. The project manager responsible for all aspects of the new company selected TrainSmart to assess, design, develop and facilitate training.

The TrainSmart Process:

A TrainSmart Microsoft Certified consultant worked with the project manager to determine the skills needed for the rollout and implementation. From the time that TrainSmart was brought in, the turnaround was only 5 weeks.

TrainSmart leveraged content already developed for other initiatives, as well as purchased third party resources to control cost and to move through the training, with light speed.


When the switch over to being a new self-sufficient company occurred, the employees were well equipped to use their new hardware, systems and software applications. TrainSmart facilitated a Train the Trainer to prepare the 18 subject matter expert/employees to deliver the ongoing training, internationally. The project was a success as it was completed on time, under budget and left the client self-sufficient to train new hires.