Business Challenge

A large manufacturing company, with four geographically dispersed plants, wanted to update and improve its onboarding, training, and evaluation programs for consistency and expanded growth.  The client had four companies, each with their own team, training, and processes. The client wanted the best practices to be identified and the training designed as a universal solution.

TrainSmart Solution

A TrainSmart instructional designer conducted a needs analysis, determined best practices, and bench-marked programs in similar companies.  As a part of the analysis, the instructional designer reviewed the current state of training to determine what could be leveraged for the overall new training solution.


The instructional designer produced a report, which detailed the assessment results, including best practices and recommendations for the new onboarding training program.  This report allowed management to make a series of decisions regarding the improvement of current training and the onboarding program.  TrainSmart then assisted in the development of the Strategic Training plan and the design of key trainings.

The project was a success!  A stronger – organized onboarding program has reduced turnover from 45% to 28%. The client implemented the recommendations and continues to rollout programs as a part of the strategic training plan.