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Leadership, Teambuilding, and Strategic Planning for the Annual IAGA Convention

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Sandestin, Florida- November 12th-13th, 2013- Ed Hampton from TrainSmart Inc. will provide facilitation for the Annual International Association of Golf Administrators’ (IAGA) Convention, providing training focusing on Leadership, Teambuilding, and Strategic Planning.

The International Association of Golf Administrators (IAGA) ( is a growing body of golf administrators welcoming amateur golf associations from across the globe. The IAGA holds its annual meeting in early November. A host of IAGA members and guest speakers make presentations on golf-related topics.

This year, Ed Hampton will facilitate “Leadership and Teambuilding” workshops on November 12th and 13th during the International Association of Golf Administrators’ Annual Meeting.

The Leadership workshops and Team building workshops will focus on creating a more cohesive work environment, and promote an understanding of how to best conduct a focused and unified workplace.

The afternoon of November 13th, Hampton will facilitate “Long Range and Strategic Planning” sessions with the Distinguished International Association of Golf Administrators Leadership.

Strategic Planning sessions will provide practical means to develop vision needed to guide and focus long term and strategic plans.

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