TrainSMART creates and implements blended learning solutions that maximize learning efficiency and contribute to time to value for your employees and customers.

Our blended learning solutions are perfect for:

  • On-boarding New Employees
  • Swapping Out Technology
  • Geographically-dispersed global audiences
  • Changing Business Practices
  • Improving Customer Service
  • Meeting Ever-Changing Regulations
  • Merging Organizational Cultures
  • Managing Employee Expectations

Our full suite of blended learning solutions range from instructor-led training to gamification to eLearning, and our focus is on needs-driven training.

Developed Blended Learning Strategy For Pharmaceutical Document Management System

Instructor-led Training, Custom eLearning Development

With over 25 years of training experience, TrainSmart’s expertise and blended learning solutions are tailored to fit your needs, what ever they may be.

TrainSMART creates, curates, and delivers engaging blended learning solutions through a variety of multimedia platforms such as video, webinars, articulate eLearning, podcasts, websites.

Evaluation & Consultation

We start by consulting with you to determine your needs based on your business goals, geography, culture, timing, training needs, budget, staffing, and other vital factors.


We start by drumming up some excitement about the changes and getting some buy-in from the employees. Often, we create a movie-trailer style demonstration of the upcoming implementation. At the same time, we’ll create an online social environment where your employees can discuss the coming changes, which will be important later on.


As part of the rollout, you’ll choose instructors, facilitators, participant guides, and other personnel that will do the best job of delivering the material.

We’ll provide visuals, presentation materials, and anything else they need to convey the messages effectively.

At the same time, custom eLearning modules will come online to support the face-to-face instructional efforts, and the online social environment will morph into a social learning area, encouraging sharing, commenting, and other discussions.

Follow Up

With the social commentary and managers’ input as the basis, you’ll be able to use TrainSmart’s tools to evaluate the effectiveness of the blended learning strategy, see what worked and what didn’t, and improve your training solutions with each new iteration.

Are you interested in a blended learning solution for your organization? TrainSMART is just a phone call away 800-807-8030 or fill out the form below. Contact us today and you’ll be one step closer to the choosing the right partner and solution for your organization.