TrainSMART Offers 1-Day Time Management Skills Classes In Austin, TX For Individuals & On-Site For Groups

In today’s world, business moves at the speed of light. And one of the greatest challenges is keeping on top of everything. As a result, one of the biggest complaints in the business world today is not having enough time…

But the truth is – the amount of time you have is not the problem, it’s how you use your time that matters.

Many people allow themselves to become bogged down in the hundreds of minor interruptions that cross their desks each day. This results in a lack of focus on what are supposed to be their priorities. Throw in some personal disorganization and the natural human tendency to procrastinate and you have a recipe for disaster. Does this sound like you? If so, enroll in TrainSMART’s 1-Day Time Management Training Workshop in Austin, Texas. We also offer on-site time management training in Austin, TX.

TrainSmart’s Time Management Skills Classes in Austin, TX are designed to help you manage your time more effectively. We teach participants how to:

  • Understand time and how you are spending it
  • Set short and long-term goals
  • Set your daily/weekly priorities
  • Plan & schedule your time
  • Address time-stealers like procrastination, clutter, and interruptions
  • Get yourself organized by developing a system for all your forms of communication
  • Develop a plan of action so you leave the seminar ready to make some real changes

Time Management Course Outline

  • Understanding Time: Can we really manage TIME? How much does time cost and how are you spending it? Assess current time management habits. Identify the benefits and challenges of managing time.
  • Setting Goals: Identify long-term, short-term, professional and personal goals. Make better decisions by relating them to your goals. Creating SMART goals.
  • Planning and Scheduling: Projects vs. Tasks, Creating and Managing To-Do Lists, Scheduling Appointments – what should go on the calendar?
  • Prioritizing: What is most important? Value-based prioritizing, Decide what to eliminate, Reduce repetitive time wasters, When is your prime time?
  • Time Stealers: What to do about interruptions, procrastination, too much clutter and other things that steal our valuable time.
  • Getting Organized: Paperwork, Email and Voice Mail, Developing a System, Time Management Tools
  • Building an Action Plan for Change

On-Site Custom-Tailored Workshop Information

TrainSmart can become your full-service training department, delivering solutions to all your on-site training needs. When you partner with us, you gain several advantages, including:

Fully customized
content & delivery


overall costs

on-the-job application

Confidentiality is
not compromised

cohort teams



Number of ParticipantsHalf-Day
Day Training
Virtual Classroom
Up to 6 Participants$2800$3800$7000$7900Call For Pricing
Up to 12 Participants$3200$4200$7500$8400Call For Pricing
Up to 18 Participants$3600$4400$8000$8900Call For Pricing
Up to 24 Participants$4000$5000$8500$9400Call For Pricing
Up to 30 Participants$4400$5400$9500$10400Call For Pricing
Up to 36 Participants$4800$5800$10000$10900Call For Pricing
Over 36+ ParticipantsCall For PricingCall For PricingCall For PricingCall For PricingCall For Pricing

Public Workshop Information

Time Management Workshop

February 24
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One-Day Time Management Workshop


Whether You Are An Individual Looking For A Public Workshop Or A Group Needing An On-Site Time Management Workshop TrainSMART Can Help!


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