Are you looking for on-site leadership soft skills training workshops to assist your employees in becoming more effective leaders? It’s time for 

TrainSmart provides leadership training workshops to communicate, support, develop, and reinforce leadership skills. Leadership is the knack of getting other people to follow you and to do willingly the things you want them to do.

By learning more about your own behaviors, personality and leadership style, you will be able to better understand the impact you have on others, and discover how to lead more effectively.

“I have had stellar experiences working with Leslie and her team. TrainSmart has delivered a wide variety of leadership training sessions to our managers and has delivered very rich classes on everything from Financial Management to EI. I am always confident that valuable learning tools will be provided and the process will go as smooth as possible.” – Parasto Niakian, PHR

Leadership Soft Skills Workshops We Offer:

Coaching New & Existing Managers for Success

This two-day interactive, engaging and educational workshop will help managers use an 8 step process to enhance their coaching skills and improve individual and team performance. Participants will practice skills using real-life situations to prepare for more effective coaching conversations.

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Personal Leadership Training: Developing the Leader Within

Managing Your Workload Training Course

Our Time & Workload Management workshop will help participants gain control of their workload and learn solutions to increase productivity and improve morale.

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Coaching Employees For Improved Performance

Employee Performance Management Workshop

Delegation Skills Training For Managers

Influencing Corporate Culture

Effective Leadership Skills Training

Values Based Leadership Training

Do your leaders incorporate the mission, vision and values of your organization in strategy and every day discussion?

Do your employees understand how and why what they do is critical to the big picture?

Join the Leadership Journey to improve communication, build stronger teams, enhance individual performance and create a corporate culture that focuses on vision and values!

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Coaching Skills Training for Managers & Leaders

If we were coaching robots, the process would be simple: program employees and they will do what they’ve been told.

Leaders don’t manage robots – they manage people. Many managers are uncomfortable with the multitude of emotions and situations that require coaching and, therefore, often avoid the coaching process.

TrainSmart’s Coaching Skills for Leaders will provide insight and practical tools to effectively coach employee to improved skills, behaviors and attitudes.

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Fundamental Leadership Skills

Has your organization recently lost critical leadership skills due to downsizing or retirement?

Are managers creating a performance based environment that will help your organization meet corporate goals?

Do managers complain about not having the time to develop employee skills to improve performance and productivity?

It’s time to refocus on what’s really important: your people! Maximize the skills in the organization by taking leadership fundamentals to the next level through this interactive, engaging, thought-provoking and practical leadership workshop.

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Building Leaders

Using the DiSC® Everything Work of Leaders assessment along with strategic facilitated discussion, real-life examples, video demonstations, and leadership best practices, Building Leaders will provide your leaders with the essential skills to create a vision and strategy for success.

Learn about your strengths and opportunities for improvement to become a stronger, more effective leader.

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