Need help creating training content for your workshops, modules, and materials?

When it comes to customized training content development, the issue is rarely a lack of content, but rather an excess of it.

The typical scenario: a manager sees a training need and contacts their internal SME to provide content. The SME, believing that all the content is worthy of inclusion in a training, sends over reams of presentations, documentation, and white papers-enough content to fill five days of training when two days are allocated. That’s where TrainSMART comes in!

TrainSMART’s training content development services are second to none. We understand that not all content is created equally and it’s our job as training content developers to sort through the material to make sure only the best is used to achieve the desired learning objectives.

Our process is thorough and ensures that the selected learning platform or modality is best suited for the learner.

Like content, not all learning platforms are created equally. What content is ideal for an Instructor-Led training program may not be the content that is ideal for custom eLearning or a Virtual Instructor-Led Training learning experience.

Sounds simple? It’s not. It takes experienced professionals who have expertise in content development to help our learning partners understand what content is essential and what content will actually interfere with the learning experience.

That’s exactly what TrainSmart has been doing for the past 25 years. Take advantage of our expertise and experience. Your training programs will be stronger for it. The process will be smoother, the learners will be more engaged and you will see the benefits of the training. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you develop training content that meets your needs and objectives.

TrainSMART has developed custom training content for many industries in the following modalities:

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