Are you looking for a custom eLearning developer who has years of experience developing creative and engaging learning experiences?

A custom eLearning developer that will ask the right questions and provide assistance to the buyer or buyer’s assistant, to learn what is needed to prepare a quote/recommendation to meet the learning objectives and goals of their resource?

You’ve come to the right place! Choose TrainSMART to lead your medium to large scale custom eLearning initiative that address’s your company’s business challenges and employee learning needs.

Some topics like time management, meeting preparation and leadership skills are so universal that an off-the-shelf eLearning solution is often the best solution – from both a time and budget perspective.

However, when you need to train a team on new products, a sales process, safety within your company, or compliance issues, the best solution is often a custom eLearning solution.

With TrainSMART’s custom eLearning course development services you control all the content. You can ensure that your brand image is communicated both graphically and in the tone and style of the training. Your learners tend to have a stronger emotional connection to material they know was specifically created to help them perform their specific jobs.

test-image-AndreaKozak“The Trainsmart team has managed the development of multiple, targeted eLearning solutions of the highest caliber for our internal programs. Their customer service and attention to detail have made them a “go to” partner for us. Not only have they overseen new program development projects but they have taken on challenging “course correction” projects and have always delivered a quality product.”

TrainSmart offers a wide range of custom eLearning solutions to match your needs and your budget. Deciding on the best custom eLearning can be like buying a car. If your goal is to get from Point A to Point B, an economy car can do the job, just as well as a luxury model. But often in eLearning, like cars, there are other considerations above and beyond just “getting there.”

Regardless of the eLearning “model” that you select, the one thing that is constant in all TrainSmart eLearning programs is our engine: the instructional design. While you may have to sacrifice animation, video or the latest in interactive activities, you will never sacrifice the engine. When you work with TrainSmart, you can be confident that the engine that drives the training – the instructional design – is built for high-performance and results.

Our eLearning Strategy

Our elearning strategy is based in the principles of instructional design.

TrainSmart creates custom eLearning courses that are authentic, learner centric, outcomes based and custom to the clients

  • Authentic training: In order to effectively prepare learners for real-life situations, courses must accurately simulate the environment learners will eventually face. At every possible point throughout our courses, concepts and knowledge are tied to performance and authentic application of material
  • Learner centric: We understand that learning is not a one-time activity. Our courses are divided into topic specific modules and Include printable documents, links to other resources, videos, and animations that the learners can refer back to when needed. the courses are focused on learner needs.
  • Outcomes based: our courses are based on outcomes not strictly the dispensing of knowledge. We strive to create authentic activities that support the required outcomes for the learner.
  • Custom: we develop courses that are custom to your learners, your learners needs, and the intended outcomes.

We are committed to delivering the right solution at the right level of understanding, regardless of a learner’s experience level. The right course design enables each learner to progress at his or her own pace. After successfully completing the course, learners will be able to immediately apply the new skills and knowledge on the job or in a particular setting or situation.

In addition to developing new images or using stock images during production, the TrainSmart design team will also incorporate any existing artwork provided by our client.

At every level, the audiences various education levels, cultures, concepts, and environments will be taken into account.  We will work closely with our client through our collaborative development process to produce a tested, needs-based solution that can easily be refreshed should content changes occur.

What Our eLearning Clients Are Saying…

TrainSmart developed multiple eLearning courses to train hundreds of my organization’s external stakeholders. As a quintessential example of customer service, TrainSmart resourced project teams with the highest caliber of professionals who were adept at balancing the technical and human aspects of initiatives. In addition to delivering polished, interactive, learner-centric modules, the project teams were true collaborators in exploring solutions to address a variety of challenges. Every project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget, and my organization and training participants were delighted with the results.

I would highly recommend TrainSmart to any organization looking to take their training to the next level of “Wow!”

Because our methodology is so robust,

we have designed custom eLearning opportunities in a wide range of industries. We’ve had successes in…

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