If you are searching for expert custom eLearning development services to create engaging and innovative training programs,

TrainSMART offers over 20 years of experience in designing custom eLearning solutions. We cater specifically to your business needs and the training requirements of your employees.

When it comes to employee training on new software, products, sales processes, safety protocols, or compliance concerns, a custom eLearning solution often emerges as the most effective approach. With our custom content, you maintain full control over the messaging, ensuring consistent representation of your brand visually and tonally.

Forming Emotional Connections Through Relevance

We understand that stronger emotional connections form when learners know the material supports their specific job roles. As your designers and specialists, we commit to delivering custom training content that resonates with your employees.

TrainSMART offers a broad spectrum of custom development services, aligning with both your needs and budget. Choosing the right solution can be as complex as buying a car. While the goal of getting from Point A to B may be straightforward, other factors can be equally important.

Instructional Design Drives Impactful Training

No matter the eLearning model, instructional design remains the constant engine driving our training programs. While elements like animation, video, or interactivity may vary, we never compromise on the engine propelling the training, built always for high-performance outcomes.

Our eLearning Development Strategy

At TrainSMART, our process roots itself in instructional design principles. We create custom courses that are:

  • Authentic, replicating the real-life situations learners will encounter
  • Learner-centric, focused on their needs for continuous learning
  • Outcomes-based, achieving desired results
  • Custom-made specifically for your learners and intended outcomes

We commit to the right solution at the right level for each learner. Our courses allow self-paced progression, and after completion, immediate application of new skills and knowledge on the job.

In addition to new or stock imagery, our design team can incorporate any existing artwork you provide. Accounting for diverse backgrounds, cultures, concepts, and environments at every stage, we work collaboratively with you to produce a thoroughly tested, needs-based solution that easily updates with any content changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does custom eLearning development cost?

We typically charge between $5,000 – $50,000 depending upon these variables in an engagement (or more!).

If we could be of assistance with any questions or concerns feel free to contact us today at 800-807-8030 or fill out the form below.

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