The primary objective of our custom training design and development services is to design and develop the best content that meets the needs of your adult learners in a training environment.

The methodology we use to create that depth of focus is called SMARTmethods, a five-phase instructional design model that has been field-tested and proven in a wide variety of circumstances.

SMARTmethods allows TrainSmart to design custom training programs, identifying needs at department, project team, or even individual levels…

With Trainsmart’s Training Design Services



Custom Training Design & Development Solutions By TrainSMART. We design, and develop training programs and materials utilizing the latest instructional and distribution methods.


By gathering and analyzing information from a variety of sources – from your upper management down to your on-the-floor all-stars – TrainSmart can develop a customized training strategy designed to fit your goals and maximize learning efficiency. 

test-image-BrianCunningham“We used TrainSmart to develop custom training and training materials related the global rollout of Sales Force Automation. We also used TrainSmart staff to deliver the training. We were very pleased with both the quality of the materials as well as the professionalism of the trainer.”

Because our methodology is so robust,

we have designed training in a wide range of industries. We’ve had successes in… (click icons to learn more)



In short, we have a proven track record and the confidence that no matter what industry you are in, we have the tools and the experience necessary to customize the ideal solution to effectively train your employees.

We assess, design, develop, implement, evaluate, maintain, and manage targeted, competency-based training opportunities that include:

  • Interactive games
  • Gaming & Simulations
  • Collaborative learning structures
  • Community development
  • Interactive video
  • Webinars
  • Learning apps
  • Mobile learning
  • Testing and Certifications
  • …and many other training and culture-development opportunities.

Customer Success Stories

Designed, Developed & Delivered Custom Project Management Course

Custom Training Course Design

Not sure what training method is the best choice for your training need? TrainSmart partners with you to identify the best learning solutions to fit your current needs. TrainSmart will work with you to make sure the training is relevant, compelling, engaging, sustainable and award-winning.

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