Are you looking to take your professional development to the next level and become a DiSC-certified professional? Look no further than TrainSMART’s DiSC Certification Training.

Our comprehensive program will not only provide you with a deep understanding of the DiSC assessment tool but also give you the skills and knowledge you need to effectively use it with your clients or team.

Throughout our DiSC Certification Training, you will have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and receive hands-on practice using the DiSC assessment. Whether you are a coach, HR professional, or leader looking to improve communication and productivity within your organization, this training is perfect for you.

Upon completion of our DiSC Certification Training, you will have the expertise and confidence to administer the DiSC assessment and use it to drive positive change within your team or client base. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your skills and become a DiSC-certified professional – sign up for TrainSMART’s DiSC Certification Training today.

DiSC Certification Details

Pre-Work Assignment

In order to maximize our time together during the DiSC Certification workshop, the following pre-work activities must be completed:

  • Complete an online DiSC® Classic 2.0. (Access sent upon enrollment)
  • Read The Great Connection by Arnie Warren (Purchase on your own from Amazon)
  • Complete a Role Behavior Analysis® on the facilitator role (Access sent to you upon enrollment)

Our Solution

  • Administer the DiSC® Classic Profile
  • Debrief a DiSC® Classic 2.0 Profile Complete a Role
  • Facilitate a variety of DiSC® exercises
  • Pass a test on DiSC® basics
  • Review role-based behavior using the Role Behavior Analysis®
  • Review the variety of tools available to apply the DiSC®
  • Explain the DiSC® Circumflex model
  • Plan your personal application of the DiSC® model

DiSC Assessment Certification Training Outline

Day 1 – Learning the DiSC® Model

  • DiSC® History and Key Validation Facts
  • The principles behind the DiSC® system
  • Details about each of the four DiSC® factors
  • hg
  • DISC Graph Interpretations: What to Look For?
  • How to Use the DiSC® Profile Report as an Effective Workbook
  • How to Incorporate DISC Learning Activities into Your Instructional Design

Day 2 – Implementing DiSC®

  • Handling the Most Commonly Asked Questions (e.g. Is DiSC® a personality test?)
  • What DISC Profiling Pre-work is Realistic and Yields Maximum Results
  • Interpreting an Online-Generated Profile
  • Integrated self-testing helps reinforce course content
  • How to Use DISC for Team-building, Leadership Development, and Coaching
  • How to Keep DiSC® Application Alive in your Organization

Target Audience

  • Anyone seeking to be certified in DiSC

Delivery Options

DiSC Certification is available in the following delivery options: Multi-Day Training Workshop, Multi-Session Webinar

DiSC Certification FAQs

What does DiSC® Certification mean? 

Certification means you have expended personal time to learn more about DiSC, it’s a theory, its meaning, how to analyze results, how to speak with greater intelligence about DiSC®, and most importantly how to help others understand their results to the point of knowing how to adapt their personality to improve relationships.

Certification also aligns you with an Everything DiSC® Partner who can provide additional learning and Certification of other profiles as well as the profiles you need to support your business.  TrainSmart has been an award-winning Partner since 1994.

Note: The DiSC® family allows co-workers to produce Comparison Reports that specifically address their relationship based on their DiSC® styles using the MyEverthingDiSC personal URL or the new Catalyst; Everything DiSC®.

How much does DiSC® Certification Cost? 

TrainSmart offers two paths both require that you purchase a kit for the particular certification.  Multiple staff may use a kit that contains videos, a PowerPoint Deck, Student Materials, an Instructor Guide, and other materials all of which are customizable.

Contact us at for pricing.

What benefits do becoming certified in DiSC® offer? 

Becoming certified in DiSC can offer a number of benefits, both personally and professionally. Some potential benefits of DiSC certification include:

  1. Improved communication: By understanding your own personality style and the styles of others, you can learn how to communicate more effectively and build stronger relationships.
  2. Enhanced teamwork: DiSC can help you understand how to work more effectively with people who have different personality styles, which can improve teamwork and collaboration.
  3. Increased self-awareness: The DiSC assessment can help you gain a better understanding of your own strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies, which can lead to increased self-awareness and personal growth.
  4. Improved conflict resolution: DiSC can provide tools and strategies for handling conflicts and differences in a more productive and positive way.
  5. Professional development: Many employers value DiSC certification as a sign of professional development and may be more likely to hire or promote individuals who have it.

Overall, becoming certified in DiSC can help you improve your effective communication, teamwork, and conflict-resolution skills, which can be valuable in a variety of professional and personal settings.

What will I receive once I complete a DiSC training certification?

A Certificate of Completion.  On-going support from your Partner.

Do I need to be certified to teach DiSC®? 

No.  There are many DISC products on the market – some use colors others use birds another lion.  Some require that you certify before being able to buy their products.  Other DISC profiles are free.

It all depends on what you and your organization wish to accomplish – short term gain with a bit fun or catchy or long term growth that covers everything from new hires to senior leadership using the same proven Everything DiSC® Family of products that have profiles in many languages that are cultured to maximize outcomes.

What DISC assessment profile does this certification teach?

Typically both focus on the Workplace Profile or the Management Profile.  TrainSmart does Sales and Conflict too.  And we will undertake to certify the entire Everything DiSC Family with proper preparation.  You would need to purchase the appropriate kit.

Are there any non-certification options to learn about DiSC®? 

You could attend any of TrainSmart’s many corporate workshops that incorporate DiSC®.

Does DiSC® Certification teach DISC Theory? 

Yes.  TrainSmart’s does and we’ll go as far as you wish for the associated fee.

Is there an online DiSC® certification course? 

There is a DiSC® Essentials e-module for $524.70 that is a follow-on to Certification and there is a plethora of info on the internet, but neither led to Everything DiSC® Certification or an Everything DiSC® Partner like TrainSmart.

Is there an exam to become certified? 

Not that we know of.  And knows would lead you to Everything DiSC® Certification or an Everything DiSC® Partner like TrainSmart.

Interested In Becoming Certified in DiSC?

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