Do you want your employees to develop phenomenal communication, time management, presentation, and public speaking skills?

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Time Management Training
Los Angeles, CA

TrainSmart’s Time Management Workshop is designed to help you manage your time more effectively. We teach participants how to:

  • Understand time and how you are spending it
  • Set short and long-term goals
  • Set your daily/weekly priorities
  • Plan & schedule your time
  • Address time-stealers like procrastination, clutter, and interruptions

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Time Management Training In Los Angeles

Presentation Skills Training
Los Angeles, CA

At TrainSmart, we have put together a presentation skills workshop that specifically designed to help participants overcome their fears and develop the skills necessary to deliver highly professional public presentations. We start by addressing several of the root problems that lead to this fear, such as:

  • Undeveloped communication skills
  • Insufficient preparation and practice
  • Lack of understanding of your target audience
  • A message that is not clear and concise
  • Visual aids that do not fit the presentation

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Presentation Skills Training In Los Angeles



TrainSMART delivers on-site custom tailored customer service training to companies throughout los angeles, anaheim, long beach, irvine and san diego, california.

Customer Service Training
Los Angeles, CA

Today, you can change the direction of your organization by committing your customer service team members to our one-day customer service training workshop. Participating in a TrainSMART Customer Service Workshop, your employees will learn:

  • How to win with your customers
  • What quality customer service means
  • The 4 primary reasons why outstanding customer service is crucial
  • Developing a customer service perspective
  • Why outstanding customer service is important to you. Hint — your job depends on it!
  • The 4 steps to quality customer service
  • Dealing with various types of customer personalities & scenarios

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Custom Service Training In Los Angeles

Communication Skills Training
Los Angeles, CA

If your organization suffers from failures to properly communicate, it may be time to get proactive and do something about it. At TrainSmart, we have just what your company needs.

During this workshop, we will teach your employees the critical interpersonal communication skills needed to enhance your organization and help put it on the path to greater prosperity. Your employees will learn: 

  • The major style differences often cause communication breakdowns among co-workers. 
  • The critical elements that link together are communication, behavior, and trust. 
  • A set of varying approaches that will help open the lines of communication between your employees.
  • Increasing the lines of communication between employees and management.
  • Increasing productivity at home and in the workplace through better communication.

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Workplace Communication In Los Angeles

Need business writing training for your staff in los angeles, ca? TrainSMART offers custom tailored on-site business writing to companies throughout los angeles, ca.

Business & Email Etiquette Writing Training
Los Angeles, CA

If you or your employees want to learn how to write emails, letters, and memos more clearly and with better grammar and style, then we have just the course for you! At TrainSmart, our Business Writing Workshop in Los Angeles, CA will show you all you need to know to about effective communication. In this information-packed one-day Workshop, you will learn:

  • How to quickly and easily identify the 4 most common grammatical errors and correct them.
  • Results-oriented writing — how to get the most out of your written communication.
  • Politically correct writing – like it or not, we live in a politically correct world. We teach you how to avoid accidentally offending someone with your written communications.
  • How to get started – everyone has trouble with writer’s block, we show you how to get past it and remain focused on your topic.
  • Effectiveness in writing – learn 6 methods of organization you must employ to write an effective piece. 

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Workplace Business Writing In Los Angeles

Meet Del Black

Del Black is TrainSMART’s Los Angeles, CA Organizational Learning & Development Consultant who has over 30 years’ experience in training, coaching and consulting both inside major corporations and as an external consultant.  She works in aerospace, hi-tech, engineering, and construction, manufacturing, city government, academic, and nonprofit environments.  Her focus is on working collaboratively to provide performance solutions for individuals, work teams and organizations that increase effectiveness and show measurable results.

Training & Facilitation Specialties

  • Leadership Skills Training
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Presentation Skills Training
  • Time Management
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Facilitator Train the Trainer
  • Customer Service Training
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • DiSC® Workshops
  • Team Coaching
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Process Improvement
  • Executive Coaching for Universities
  • Talent Development for Universities

On-Site Pricing Options

Number of ParticipantsHalf-Day
Day Training
Virtual Classroom
Up to 6 Participants$2800$3800$7000$7900Call For Pricing
Up to 12 Participants$3200$4200$7500$8400Call For Pricing
Up to 18 Participants$3600$4400$8000$8900Call For Pricing
Up to 24 Participants$4000$5000$8500$9400Call For Pricing
Up to 30 Participants$4400$5400$9500$10400Call For Pricing
Up to 36 Participants$4800$5800$10000$10900Call For Pricing
Over 36+ ParticipantsCall For PricingCall For PricingCall For PricingCall For PricingCall For Pricing