Work-Life Integration/Harmony. “You Always Have Time For The Things You Put First.” Get ready for a highly interactive, collaborative 60 – 90 minutes, where we’ll explore what work-life integration/harmony is all about, why you want it, and how to get it. This fast-paced workshop will get you thinking, reflecting, laughing, and planning how to strategically flex the four integrators in your life to relentlessly strive for four-way wins among your work, home, community, and self-interests.

Target Audience

People who have the drive and desire to live their best possible life in uncertain times.

The Challenge

A worldwide pandemic has turned everyone’s lives upside down.

People feel like they’ve lost control over their lives.

There is no precedent or role model for guidance on how to live an integrated life during a pandemic.

Our Solution

To Learn to…

  • Regain control over the four key integrators in your life: work, home, community, and self
  • Analyze your time to uncover areas of flexibility
  • Assess the current state of your work-life integration
  • Uncover gaps between what you want and what you have
  • Create experiments to close the gaps for areas that feel out of whack

Course Outline

  • Integration is not balanced. Why it’s better.
  • Go ahead – knock down the barriers
  • 168 hours – The amazing things you discover when you track how you spend your time for a week
  • Experiments change wishin’ and hopin’ into doin’ and fulfillin’

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