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TrainSMART, an esteemed recipient of the prestigious Emerald Award in Everything DiSC®, offers comprehensive DiSC assessment training. Trusted by more than 40 million individuals worldwide, DiSC serves as the ultimate tool for personal assessment, enabling significant improvements in individual and team effectiveness within the workplace. Available in over 20 languages, DiSC is the preferred resource for businesses, groups, and individuals seeking to enhance personal communication, bolster management skills, nurture leadership qualities, amplify sales performance, and foster the development of highly effective teams.

A DiSC assessment is a powerful tool that facilitates a deep understanding of personal styles for both individuals and teams. It empowers participants to comprehend and adapt to the styles of others, resulting in enhanced individual effectiveness. Each DiSC assessment provides valuable insights into an individual’s priorities, coupled with practical guidance on how to maximize personal strengths. The outcome is improved understanding, communication, and ultimately, increased productivity and favorable business outcomes.

DiSC emphasizes the value of diversity, allowing organizations of all kinds to cultivate better work environments by fostering a deeper understanding of their coworkers’ styles. A fundamental principle of DiSC is that behavior can be modified, and by adapting to those around us, we become more effective communicators, minimizing conflicts and achieving superior collaboration. DiSC promotes a non-judgmental approach and provides a shared language that facilitates discussions about individual behavior and understanding of others’ behaviors.

In summary, a DiSC assessment:

  • Raises self-awareness and guides leveraging personal strengths.
  • Enhances teamwork and reduces conflicts within teams.
  • Equips individuals with the ability to understand and adapt to customer communication styles.
  • Improves understanding of reactions to stress, decision-making, conflicts, and participation in teams.
  • Offers a method for collaborating with supervisors to increase job satisfaction, mitigate conflicts, and enhance access to resources.
  • Enhances management effectiveness by empowering leaders to motivate, develop, and guide employees based on their unique work styles.
  • Facilitates personal growth and cultivates strong leadership capabilities.

What Does “DiSC” Mean?

Each letter in DiSC represents a different style that influences our behavior. We all possess a dominant style that shapes our preferences, responses, and actions in various situations. However, we can adapt our behavior to become more effective in different circumstances.

It is crucial to acknowledge that all styles are valuable and no report is superior to another. Furthermore, we all possess elements of each DiSC style within us, although some styles may be more prominent than others.

D = Dominance

Dominance-oriented individuals tend to be direct, self-confident, and driven by results. They thrive on immediate outcomes and are often willing to take risks to achieve success. Challenges and the ability to control their environment motivate them. However, when overused, they may exhibit impatience or a lack of concern for others.

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I = Influence

Influence-driven individuals are energetic and people-oriented. They exude enthusiasm, charm, and optimism, infusing energy into groups. They prioritize building relationships and receiving social recognition. However, if the influence style is overused, follow-through and organizational skills may suffer.

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S = Steadiness

Steadiness-oriented individuals are loyal, stable, and exceptional team players. They embody calmness, patience, and attentive listening skills. They thrive in stable environments and appreciate collaborative work settings. Overreliance on the steadiness style may lead to resistance to change and an excessive inclination to please others.

C = Conscientious

Conscientious individuals prioritize quality and precision. They hold themselves and others to high standards, valuing accuracy, systematic approaches, and analytical thinking. Clear standards and the ability to produce high-quality work drive their motivation. However, an overemphasis on the conscientious style may result in excessive self-criticism and an overly critical attitude toward others.

DiSC Assessment Profiles For Every Situation!

The versatility of the DiSC model enables its application in various work scenarios. Here are the most popular DiSC Assessment types:

  • Everything DiSC WorkplaceThis foundational DiSC assessment focuses on individual styles and effective collaboration with others. It benefits individuals at all levels within an organization, irrespective of their title or role, aiming to enhance the overall workplace environment.
  • Everything DiSC Management – Designed to enhance managerial abilities, this assessment aids in directing and delegating tasks, motivating team members, and developing employees. It includes a dedicated section on effective collaboration with supervisors, enabling managers to bring out the best in each team member.
  • Everything DiSC SalesTailored for sales professionals, this assessment equips them with the skills to establish stronger connections with customers. It helps individuals understand their natural selling style as well as the buying preferences of their customers, leading to more fruitful customer relationships and improved sales performance.
  • Everything DiSC Work of LeadersBased on the Vision, Alignment, and Execution framework, this assessment empowers leaders to understand their own leadership behaviors and their impact on effectiveness. It provides tangible steps to guide leaders in achieving desired outcomes for their teams or organizations.
  • Everything DiSC 363 For Leaders An online 360-degree feedback tool designed to enhance leadership capabilities. This powerful tool collects input from the participant, their supervisor, peers, direct reports, and other work groups. Integrating the integrity of DiSC into 360 assessments generates valuable leadership insights and offers a specific action plan for growth and development.
  • DiSC Certification Training – DiSC Certification Training fully prepares professionals to administer and apply DiSC assessments. Through interactive modules, participants gain expertise in interpreting DiSC profiles and integrating DiSC concepts into real-world situations. This powerful program provides coaches, trainers, and consultants the confidence and resources to optimize DiSC.

How TrainSMART Can Assist You with DiSC Assessments

At TrainSMART, we specialize in providing comprehensive support for all your DiSC assessment needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional training and guidance, ensuring that you and your organization fully leverage the benefits of DiSC assessments. Contact us today to embark on your DiSC assessment training journey and unlock the full potential of individual and team effectiveness.


The DiSC® methodology helps people not only understand themselves but to recognize and value differences in colleagues and employees, creating stronger relationships at every level.

Everything DiSC Personality Assessments
Will Help You:

TrainSMART provides diverse delivery options for Everything DiSC Assessment Tools tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Explore the various ways we can deliver these tools to you:

Leader Training:

If you prefer to train your employees using your in-house employee development department, we offer comprehensive resources to support you. Our materials and resources are designed to empower you to deliver effective training sessions. This option provides maximum flexibility and is particularly suitable for organizations implementing DiSC throughout their company.

Personal Coaching:

Maximize individual performance with our one-on-one DiSC coaching sessions led by experienced DiSC coaches. Our seasoned coaches provide personalized guidance to help individuals leverage their DiSC assessment results and achieve their full potential. Reach out to us for more information on our coaching services.

Individual DiSC Assessments:

We offer easily accessible individual DiSC assessments. Simply click the appropriate link from the provided list and place your order. Upon ordering, you will receive a link and access code to complete the DiSC assessment of your choice. Once you’ve finished, you will immediately gain access to your personalized report. Contact us to learn more about individual DiSC assessments.

In-House Training:

Many organizations prefer the convenience of hosting customized DiSC training sessions at their own location, specifically tailored to their unique requirements.

Our in-house training brings any of the Everything DiSC solutions directly to your workplace, including Everything DiSC Workplace, Everything DiSC Management, Everything DiSC Work of Leaders, Everything DiSC Sales, and Everything DiSC 363.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can deliver a customized in-house training session that aligns with your organization’s needs.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information or to explore these delivery options further.

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