The Challenge:

Our Chicago-based client contacted TrainSMART when they needed assistance improving employee communication skills within the organization and with customers.

The TrainSmart Solution:

TrainSmart often uses assessment tools as starting point to build a foundation for better communication.

For this Consulting firm, we used the Everything DiSC® Management Profile and Everything DiSC® Workplace assessment tools which are designed to provide an understanding of how different behaviors impact communication.

We then tailored a series of workshops to utilize the results of these assessments most effectively.

The Results:

The kick-off for the training was a keynote at the company All Employee Meeting in early 2012. This provided a way to introduce everyone to the concepts of different behavior and communication styles.

The keynote was interactive, engaging, and fun while providing an understanding of the importance of adjusting one’s communication style to fit the needs of others – a strategy that results in opportunities to have more productive conversations and build stronger relationships.

A series of training workshops complemented the keynote with the following focus:

Communication – Cornerstone for Success – This was an opportunity to dig deeper into the DiSC® 28-page report as well as additional communication techniques such as body language, listening skills, and the art of asking questions.

The Everything DiSC® Management Report – provided information about reading the communication style of people on your team and how to do a better job of directing, delegating, motivating, and developing the team.

The Everything DiSC® Workplace report – contains an in-depth analysis of communication styles to build stronger relationships.

Business Writing Workshop – So much of our communication is in the form of emails, technical reports, and proposals. This workshop concentrated on how to create written communication in a clear and concise way.

Meeting Facilitation Training – Participants learned proven techniques to manage meetings that are focused, engaging, and productive.


“Our training consultant’s presentation yesterday was fantastic! Everyone loved it and was engaged and entertained.   On a rating scale of 1-5 (5 being most valuable), survey feedback for Anne was 88% in the 4-5 range. The DiSC® content was perfect for the hour we had, and the magic wand exercise was a great way to get everyone involved and discuss the different styles. Thank you for a great job! “ Jennifer Wernke