TrainSmart’s microlearning design team searches your business for areas where micro-learning can be an effective approach, and when we find a topic that is a great fit – we review with our client and implement.

We design several short (3-4 minute) learning solutions that can be accessed from any Internet connection or downloaded in app form and accessed later from any mobile device.

Because Learning and Training Are Not the Same.

Bite-sized learning isn’t new — it’s the logical extension of a very old pattern…

  • It’s easier to teach “business law” than it is to teach “law”
  • It’s easier to teach “copyright protection” than it is to teach “business law”
  • It’s easier to teach “Michael Bolton vs. the Isley Brothers” than it is to teach “copyright protection”
  • And it’s easier to teach any given 5-minute, one-item lesson than it is to teach something more systemic that takes longer to convey.

Bottom line…the smaller the lesson, the easier it is to teach…and learn and retain!

ts-microlearning-1The ease with which bite-sized learning takes place makes it an obvious and powerful choice for a variety of learning purposes.

Maybe you’re re-teaching a lesson that was just taught a few days earlier to improve retention. Maybe you’re teaching a small modification that one-ups an existing Best Practice and should become the new normal, but doesn’t deserve an entire meeting to go over it.

Bite-Sized Learning is beneficial for any organization in that it’s not information that you ‘push’ out to everyone; it’s a repository of short lessons that individuals can ‘pull’ from whenever they feel the need.

Active Training Tools

A bite-sized learning solution is not a static repository either…your all-stars and content experts can add lessons as needed to enhance the learning experience.

There are a host of excellent purposes for micro-learning, especially when it’s created within an LMS that provides searchable mobile access:

  • Teaching small, specific skills and procedures that not everyone needs to use.
  • Summarizing a formal training just received.
  • Aiding Recall by revisiting key concepts from formal training; helps to move the training into long-term memory.
  • Applying knowledge through quizzes, games, and other interactive content.
  • Supporting employees in mid-task by providing the solution they need in the moment.

TrainSmart will work with you to make sure the training is relevant, compelling, engaging, sustainable and award-winning.

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