Tired of lengthy training programs that employees forget shortly after? It’s time to get smart with corporate microlearning solutions from TrainSmart!

Our bite-sized training modules distill topics down to just the critical 3-4 minutes of content your team needs. This makes it easy to learn and, more importantly, easy to remember. No more wasted time and money on training that doesn’t stick.

TrainSmart’s microlearning solutions let your team access short, targeted lessons on demand through any device. Your employees pull the info they need when they need it – no more pushing unnecessary content on them.

Our expert instructional designers consult with you to identify your most crucial training needs. Then we make engaging, interactive microlearning assets that align with your goals, embedded within your learning management system.

The benefits you’ll see include:

  • Increased retention of key skills and knowledge
  • Improved ability to apply learning on the job
  • Reduced training time and associated costs
  • Sustainable learning through ongoing content additions
  • Modern, mobile-friendly approach learners lovets-microlearning-1

Whether you need to teach procedures, summarize training concepts, boost recall, or provide in-the-moment support, TrainSmart’s microlearning solutions have you covered.

Active Training Tools

A bite-sized learning solution is not a static repository either…your all-stars and content experts can add lessons as needed to enhance the learning experience.

There are a host of excellent purposes for micro-learning, especially when it’s created within an LMS that provides searchable mobile access:

  • Teaching small, specific skills and procedures that not everyone needs to use.
  • Summarizing a formal training just received.
  • Aiding Recall by revisiting key concepts from formal training; helps to move the training into long-term memory.
  • Applying knowledge through quizzes, games, and other interactive content.
  • Supporting employees in mid-task by providing the solution they need at the moment.

At TrainSmart, we work with you to ensure that your microlearning training solutions are relevant, compelling, engaging, sustainable, and award-winning. Our microlearning design team will guide you through the process and make sure that the training meets your specific needs.

To schedule a time to discuss your vision and see how TrainSmart can support your next project, call us at 800-807-8030, or fill out the form below. Thank you for considering TrainSmart for your microlearning solutions.