Developing Employee Soft Skills for Success in the Workplace

Employees with strong, soft skills can be a major advantage for any business. The benefits of investing in employee soft skills training are numerous, from improving customer relationships to increasing sales and boosting retention.

That’s where TrainSMART, a top soft skills training company, comes in. We specialize in creating custom corporate soft skills training workshops tailored to each client organization’s needs.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in delivering corporate soft skills training workshops.

Our workshops cover various topics, including sales, customer service, customer relationships, meetings management, team building, and workplace communication skills. No matter your business goals, we can help you develop the soft skills necessary to achieve them.

At TrainSMART, we understand that every business is different and that one size does not fit all regarding training. That’s why we offer a variety of delivery methods to ensure that our clients receive the most engaging and effective training possible.

From face-to-face and live virtual sessions to e-learning, webinars, and self-study materials, we have leveraged all existing and emerging methodologies to achieve success for our clients.

Our commitment to customizing our training to meet the needs of each client allows us to provide the most current and effective corporate soft skills training available.

Whether you want to improve communication within your team, enhance customer service, or improve presentation skills, TrainSMART has the knowledge and expertise to help your organization reach its goals.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to maximize your business’s potential by developing your employees’ soft skills—contact us today to learn more.

 Soft Skills Training Workshops For Employees
(In-Person & Virtual Instructor-Led)

Communication Workshops

TrainSMART offers in-person and virtual effective communication workshops for the workplace.

Communication Skills

Clear, Concise, Compassionate

Talk Skills That Pay the Bills – Our communication training will equip your team to connect, collaborate, and drive results.



Communication Training For Employees

Corporate leaders engaged in TrainSMART's in-person workplace communication training, with a skilled instructor facilitating in a professional boardroom setting.

Communication Training
For Leaders

Inspirational, Transparent, Strategic

Our advanced communication training will empower leaders to inspire teams, resolve conflicts, and champion change through expert messaging and dialogue skills.



Communication Training For Leaders


Focused executives participating in TrainSMART's in-person executive communication training, with a skilled instructor leading the session in a professional boardroom setting.

Communication Training
For Executives

Inspirational, Strategic, Authoritative

Our intensive communication training equips executives to convey vision, lead with credibility, and maximize impact through articulate and thoughtful interaction.



Communication Training For Executives

Engaged professionals participating in a TrainSMART corporate presentation skills training workshop in a modern office environment.

Presentation Skills

Clear, Engage, Polish

Our corporate presentation training transforms subject matter experts into engaging speakers who captivate audiences and drive meaningful action.


Corporate Presentation Training


Executives participating in a TrainSMART in-person presentation skills workshop, engaging with a professional instructor in a modern corporate boardroom setting.

Executive Presentation Skills

Strategic, Authoritative, Inspirational

Elevate your executive presence: Master the art of captivating audiences through our proven presentation skills training for executives.


Executive Presentation Training


Engaged professionals attending TrainSMART's in-person business storytelling workshop, with an instructor demonstrating techniques in a dynamic office environment.

Corporate Storytelling

Authentic, Compelling, Strategic

Harness strategic storytelling to inspire, engage, and influence – our corporate storytelling training equips leaders with the narrative tools to drive change.


Corporate Storytelling Training

Group of professionals engaging in TrainSMART's in-person emotional intelligence training, with interactive activities led by an expert instructor in a collaborative workshop setting

Emotional Intelligence

Self-Awareness, Empathy, Automated

Work together with a dependable training content developer such as TrainSMART to create compelling training materials.


Emotional Intelligence Training


Professionals engaging in TrainSMART’s executive presence training during an in-person workshop, with an experienced instructor guiding them in a corporate meeting room."

Executive Presence

Gravitas, Connection, Vision

Project uncompromising executive presence and authority – our targeted training sharpens the skills to captivate rooms and drive results.


Executive Presence Training


Dynamic in-person workplace professional training session by TrainSMART, with a diverse group of employees actively participating in a well-lit corporate conference room.

Workplace Professionalism

Polished, Curious, Discreet

Foster a culture of excellence – our professionalism training strengthens employee conduct to uphold organizational values and standards.


Professionalism Training


Group of employees participating in TrainSMART's in-person email etiquette training, with a professional instructor teaching in a well-equipped corporate training room.

Email Etiquette

Clear, Concise, Courteous

Craft workplace-ready communications – our email etiquette training equips teams with the techniques to project polish and expertise through every inbox exchange.


Email Etiquette Training


Participants engaging in a TrainSMART professional writing workshop in a bright, modern classroom setting, with a visible instructor leading the session.

Professional Writing

Clear, Concise, Engaging

Accelerate performance with targeted professional development – our business training sharpens the skills to enhance workplace productivity and results at scale.


Professional Writing Training


In-person TrainSMART meeting facilitation training with a group of professionals gathered around a conference table, actively engaged in a collaborative discussion.

Meeting Facilitation

Structured, Inclusive, Efficient

Harness the power of effective meetings. Our meeting facilitation training sharpens leaders’ skills to steer group dynamics toward decisions and ownership.


Meeting Facilitation Training


Customer service professionals engaged in TrainSMART's in-person communication training, interacting in a hands-on workshop in a modern office environment

Customer Service
Communication Training

Engaging, Practical, Empowering

Elevate customer service through masterful communication – our targeted training fuses staff empathy and expertise to deliver five-star service and satisfaction.

Customer Service Communication Training


Presenting With Confidence

Transformational, Interactive, Indespensible

Become skilled, confident, and quick on your feet in unplanned situations – register your team for TrainSMART’s 1-day, interactive Presenting With Confidence workshop.

Presenting With Confidence Training

Designing Effective Presentations

Visual, Captivating, Transformational

Transform monotonous slides into visually captivating presentations that resonate with your audience by joining our immersive workshop, where you’ll master advanced design techniques and create compelling materials tailored to your stakeholders’ preferences.

Designing Presentations Training


Presenting To Leaders

Persuasive, Executive, Authoritative

Join our intensive workshop to master the art of captivating and persuading executives. You’ll gain insider techniques to structure high-impact presentations, establish credibility, handle on-the-spot questions, and inspire leaders to action.

Presenting To Leaders Training


A group of five business professionals sitting around a conference table with a projector screen behind them. On the screen is a PowerPoint presentation slide titled "Key Financial Metrics" with various charts and graphs. The group looks engaged, pointing towards the slide and having an animated discussion

Designing Effective Presentations
Using PowerPoint

Dynamic, Captivating, High-Impact

Invest in your employees’ success by hosting our immersive in-house workshop and equip your team with the advanced PowerPoint skills to deliver visually stunning, persuasive presentations that drive business results.

Using PowerPoint For Presentations Training

Human Resources Workshops

Ethics Workshop: People in professional work attire seated around a conference table having an engaged discussion.

Insightful, Practical, Empowering


This workshop provides managers with a proven framework to tackle real-world ethical dilemmas.

Workplace Ethics Training

Preventing Workplace Violence Workshop: A diverse group of employees listening intently to an instructor at the front of a training room.

Insightful, Proactive, Empowering

Workplace Violence Prevention

This workshop equips managers to identify warning signs early and defuse anger and conflict before it escalates.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Behavioral Interviewing Workshop: A hiring manager conducting interviews, referencing paperwork.

Strategic, results-driven, compliant

Behavioral Interviewing

This workshop provides a legally sound framework to develop targeted questions that accurately assess job candidates.

Behavioral Interviewing Training

Harassment Prevention Workshop: Employees participating in interactive training activities led by a facilitator.

Essential, proactive, compliant

Workplace Harassment

This legally required workshop teaches employees at all levels how to recognize and address harassing behaviors before they escalate.

Workplace Harassment Training

Onboarding Workshop: New employees meeting teammates and learning about company culture.

Strategic, engaging, smooth

On-Target Onboarding

This workshop provides managers a blueprint to welcome, acclimate, and retain new hires starting on day one.

On-Target On-Boarding Training

Anti-Bullying Workshop: Co-workers having respectful conversations in an office environment.

Essential, Supportive, Healthy

Bullying In The Workplace

This workshop gives employees at all levels the tools to recognize bullying behaviors, protect themselves and others, and foster a respectful workplace.

Anti-Bullying Workplace Training

Talent Retention Workshop: A manager providing coaching and feedback to an employee.

Strategic, engaging, cost-saving

Goodbye Talent Turnover

This workshop provides managers with the tools to boost employee retention through positive feedback and proactive coaching.

Goodbye Talent Turnover

DEI Workshop: Colleagues collaborating on a project, appreciating each other's diverse perspectives.

Enlightening, Unifying, Empowering

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This workshop fosters understanding, respect, and inclusion across all differences to tap the full potential of a diverse workforce.

DEI Training

Leadership Workshops

Coaching For
Managers Success

Strategic, Interactive, Impactful

Equip leaders with a strategic 8-step coaching framework to set clear expectations, address performance gaps, and build managerial skills through interactive scenarios that drive organizational alignment, accountability, and culture improvements resulting in more motivated and high-achieving teams.


Coaching For Managers Success


Coaching Skills
For Leaders

Practical, Customizable, Solution-Oriented

Master a customizable 3-step coaching dialogue, 5-step performance troubleshooting method, and conflict resolution model to overcome obstacles, enhance daily mentoring, boost employee efficacy through hands-on scenarios, and drive organizational performance with the tangible benefits of motivated, productive teams.


Coaching Skills For Leaders

Delegation Training
For Managers

Introspective, Empowering, Strategic

Overcome personal roadblocks, optimize task distribution, build critical management skills, and boost productivity by up to 20% using research-backed delegation frameworks tailored to your context through an interactive workshop focused on strengthening leadership capabilities for empowering teams.


Delegation Training For Managers



Immersive, Strategic, Transformational

Create visionary leaders across your organization equipped to define inspirational visions, gain alignment on goals, persuade teams, and flawlessly drive execution by discovering your unique DiSC style, strategic drivers, customized actions, and transformational mindsets during an intensive, immersive executive training experience.


Developing Leaders Training


Developing The Leader
Within You

Innovative, Impact-Driven, Learner-Centric

Discover your inner compass, strategically design a vision grounded in self-awareness and develop the skills for empowered resilience that allow you to lead authentically, optimize moments of choice, achieve clarity of purpose, and ultimately elevate teams through customized plans crafted from introspective assessments and value-driven modeling.


Develop The Leader Within You

Effective Leadership

Customized, Holistic, Empowering

Discover your natural leadership style, strengthen capabilities across all levels of an organization, and develop the skills to inspire teams by matching the needs of any situation through assessments, group challenges, and a customized toolkit for flexible, authentic, empowered leadership that elevates colleagues and drives results.


Effective Leadership Training


Basic Leadership

Fundamental, Customizable, Practical

Our customizable leadership skills training workshop delivers practical techniques in a variety of flexible formats to provide new managers with the fundamental, essential tools to enhance their competencies in communication, motivation, delegation, change management, and handling conflicts, enabling participants to achieve higher levels of leadership performance.


Fundamental Leadership Skills


Performance Management

Strategic, Structured, Motivating

Drive organizational performance by learning to set aligned expectations, provide structured feedback, document employee progress, and conduct evaluation conversations with a motivational balance of inspiration and accountability to ultimately equip managers with the strategic leadership skills for building positive, productive teams.


Performance Management Training


Storytelling For

Engaging, Strategic, Empowering

Unlock your innate ability to inspire, influence organizational culture, and drive change by mastering the interactive frameworks and strategic narrative techniques used by the world’s top modern leaders to compellingly articulate vision and transmit values through personalized, empowering storytelling skills development.


Storytelling For Leaders



Aligning, Interactive, Empowering

Ignite purpose-driven leadership by leveraging personalized MBTI profiles, imaginative team challenges, and facilitator-led discussions to interactively align individual strengths to organizational values, goals, and principles – uniting and empowering managers with insights and motivation for advancing collective success.


Values-Based Leadership


Workload Management

Strategic, Hands-On, Applicable

Learn to strategically align development to organizational needs, design engaging performance-focused training, balance effectiveness with appeal, and continually optimize workplace learning programs through intensive, hands-on practice grounded in real-world company contexts.


Workload Management Training


Workplace Culture

Focused, Interactive, Empowering

Regain focus, lower stress, and increase productivity by arming teams with personalized assessments, collaborative issue analysis, solution planning, productivity tactics, and an empowering circle of experts to conquer workload challenges through the interactive development of targeted customized recommendations.


Workplace Culture Training


Management Workshops

A group of 5 business professionals sitting around a conference table with their laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, actively engaged in a time management training workshop facilitated by a trainer.

Practical, Personalized, Empowering

Time Management Training

Empower your team to boost productivity and achieve workplace success by sending them to our practical time management training where they will create personalized time mastery action plans.

Time Management Workshops

A group of managers and team leaders sitting in a seminar room, looking at their individual Time Management Profile assessments. The facilitator stands next to a flip chart with strength and weakness matrices.

Insightful, Strategic, Empowering

Time Management Using DiSC

Help your team gain control of their workload, reduce stress, and work smarter by leveraging our insightful time management training complete with personalized assessments and strategic priority-setting frameworks.

Time Management Using DiSC

A group of employees sitting around a conference table looking over project plans and timelines during an on-site project management training session. The facilitator stands near a whiteboard with project management process diagrams.

Strategic, Methodical, Insightful

Project Management

Drive business growth by leveraging our strategic project management training where your team will gain the techniques to effectively align, plan, and execute projects for on-time, on-budget delivery.

Project Management Training

A group of employees in business casual attire, learning project management tools on their laptops during a private workshop. The facilitator stands in front presenting a project schedule template on the screen.

Fundamental, Practical, Empowering

Project Management For Non-Project Managers

Boost project success rates by enrolling your non-PM employees in our fundamental yet practical project management training where they will gain the core techniques to effectively lead assignments while avoiding common pitfalls.

Project Management Training For Non-Project Managers


A group of employees gathered around a table with laptops, tablets, and notebooks, learning how to create project plans, schedules, and budgets. The facilitator stands next to a whiteboard filled with project management templates and tools.

Practical, Methodical, Empowering

Project Management Application

Boost your team’s project management capabilities by leveraging our practical training, where participants will gain techniques to execute initiatives methodically on time, within budget, and achieve desired outcomes.

Project Management Application

Insightful, Strategic, Empowering

Stress Management

Reduce burnout and boost workplace well-being by enrolling your team in our insightful stress management training where they will gain personalized strategies to recognize triggers, become stress resilient, and proactively manage demands.

Workplace Stress Management Training

Empowering, Insightful, Practical

Work-Life Integration

Guide your team toward improved work-life harmony even amid uncertainty by leveraging our empowering and insightful training where they will assess their situation and create practical experiments tailored to their individual needs and goals.

Work-Life Integration Training

A group of managers and supervisors participating in a virtual workplace training workshop. The facilitator stands next to a screen sharing collaboration platforms and apps. The participants have laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Strategic, Tech-Enabled, Cross-Cultural

Managing The Virtual Workplace

Lead high-performance virtual teams by sending your managers to our strategic and tech-enabled training focused on utilizing technology, overcoming cultural barriers, and implementing telework programs for remote employee success.

Managing The Virtual Workplace

A group of managers and executives participating in a goal setting training workshop. The facilitator stands by a whiteboard with goal setting frameworks. The participants have laptops and notebooks, actively working on setting goals.

Strategic, Impactful, Connected

Goal Setting At Work

Get everyone moving in the same direction by leveraging our strategic goal-setting training, where your leaders will learn to develop connected, impactful goals that tie directly to corporate vision and priorities for organization-wide execution.

Goal Setting at Work Training

Customer Service Workshops

Diverse service staff collaborating on customer service framework. Customer service skills training develops competencies in communication, phone skills, email etiquette, problem-solving, and exceeding expectations to create delightful customer experiences.

Customer Service Skills

Confidence, Competence, Connection

Equip your team to deliver exceptional service and transform dissatisfied clients into raving fans through TrainSMART’s immersive, tailored customer service skills workshops featuring real-world roleplays and coaching.

Customer Service Skills Training

Diverse service staff collaborating on customer service models. Customer service excellence training develops the skills and mindsets across an organization to deliver personalized, frictionless, and emotionally-resonant customer experiences that drive loyalty.

Customer Service

Confidence, Fluency, Connectivity

Equip teams to drive revenue and referrals by mastering customer-centric mindsets and scenario-based skills through TrainSMART’s targeted customer service excellence workshops tailored to embody your organization’s service philosophy.

Customer Service Excellence Training

Customer service agents collaborating on call center models. Call Center Customer Service Training transforms mindsets and skills to resolve customer issues completely, strengthen relationships, and uncover revenue opportunities.

Customer Service Training
For Call Centers

Mindshift, Toolkit, Empowerment

Transform customer issues into shining moments of service and build customer loyalty by training call center staff in the critical behaviors, mindsets, and tactics to resolve problems with flexibility, initiative, and respect through our immersive 3-day Call Center Customer Service workshop.

Call Center Customer Service Training

Exceptional Healthcare Customer Service Starts with Training In the post-pandemic era, patient expectations for customer service are higher than ever. Healthcare organizations that don’t meet these demands risk damaging their reputations and losing patients. That’s why comprehensive customer service training for healthcare professionals is more crucial now than ever before. Our healthcare customer service training programs are uniquely designed to address the complex customer service challenges in the healthcare industry today. We understand the nuances of serving patients amid provider shortages, insurance complexities, and evolving regulations. With our healthcare customer service training, your staff will master communication techniques that defuse frustrated patients and enhance satisfaction. Learners build empathy and emotional intelligence to care for patients compassionately, especially during stressful health situations. Training delivery options ranging from onsite workshops to virtual sessions accommodate all healthcare workplace needs. Our experienced instructors draw from deep healthcare industry expertise to engage learners and impact performance. Invest in your healthcare professionals with our transformative customer service training programs tailored to the healthcare setting. We will equip your staff to handle any customer service challenge while delivering patient experiences that strengthen your reputation and patient loyalty. Customer Service Training For Healthcare Professionals Course Outline I. Introduction Welcome and introduction to the workshop Objectives of the workshop Icebreaker activity to engage the participants II. Understanding Customer Service in Healthcare Overview of customer service in Healthcare in a post-Covid Era Importance of customer service in healthcare Key customer service skills needed in healthcare III. Communication Skills for Effective Customer Service Verbal and non-verbal communication skills Active listening skills Empathy and compassion in communication IV. Managing Difficult Situations in Healthcare Customer Service The everyday difficult situation in healthcare customer service Strategies for de-escalating situations and managing emotions Role-playing exercises to practice handling difficult situations

Healthcare Customer Service

Empathy, Confidence, Connection

Strengthen patient loyalty and your healthcare reputation by training staff to compassionately resolve complaints, defuse frustration and deliver exceptional experiences through our customized customer service workshops tailored to the complex realities of today’s healthcare environment.

Healthcare Customer Service Training

Auto dealership employees collaborating on customer service model. Automotive customer service training develops skills to resolve issues, exceed expectations, create customer delight, boost loyalty and referrals, and positively impact dealership revenue.

Dealership Customer Service

Mindset, Toolkit, Alignment

Boost loyalty and profits by training staff to exceed expectations, solve problems creatively, and deliver exceptional service through every customer touchpoint with TrainSMART’s customized automotive customer experience workshops.

Dealership Customer Service Training

Government employees collaborating on public sector service models. Government customer service training develops skills to resolve constituent issues with professionalism and empathy despite complex policies, resource constraints, and stressed clients.

Customer Service Training
For Government

Fluency, Accessibility, Resilience

Empower government teams to creatively resolve complaints, address expectations, and provide accessible, inclusive services by adopting customer-centric mindsets through TrainSMART’s public sector-tailored customer experience training featuring roleplay simulations in government settings.

Customer Service Training For Government


Sales Workshops

Transformational, Essential, Results

Successful Negotiation Techniques

Equip your employees to successfully negotiate win-win deals, resolve conflicts, and advance their careers by leveraging Harvard-tested techniques tailored for the real-world situations they face daily.

Successful Negotiation Techniques

Insightful, Adaptive, Results

Effective Selling Training

Boost your sales results by equipping your team with research-backed selling techniques to understand customer buying styles, adapt their approach accordingly, and make connections that drive closures.

Effective Selling Training

Insightful, Adaptive, Customer-Focused

Relationship Based Selling

Boost sales effectiveness by leveraging DiSC® insights to help your team better understand themselves, relate to customers, and adapt their sales style to make more connections.

Relationship Based Sales Training

Empowering, Practical, Results-Driven

Powerful Negotiation Techniques

Develop win-win agreements, resolve conflicts, and secure favorable outcomes by sending your team to our interactive negotiation skills training grounded in real-life scenarios.

Powerful Negotiation Techniques

Relationship-focused, Customized, Insightful

Consultative Selling

Boost sales by leveraging our customized consultative selling techniques to establish trust with customers and gain keen insight to provide targeted solutions.

Consultative Sales Training


Actionable, Motivational, Results-Focused


Drive sales growth by arming your team with proactive prospecting approaches to consistently build robust pipelines of qualified leads.

Sales Prospecting Training

Motivational, Strategic, Impactful

Successful Selling

Catapult your sales team’s success by leveraging our highly motivational sales excellence training to master a structured sales process that closes more deals.

Successful Selling

Strategic Skills Workshops

Diverse business people collaborating on organizational change. Making Change Irresistible workshop helps companies smoothly facilitate transitions. Participants gain frameworks to assess readiness, motivate adoption, craft targeted messaging, and structure feedback channels.

Making Change

Equip your leaders with the psychological strategies and communication tactics to make organizational change irresistible, predictable, and enduring by attending our acclaimed “Making Change Irresistible” workshop.

Making Change Irresistible

Diverse professionals collaborating on a problem-solving framework. Problem-Solving Skills Training workshop equips teams to identify root causes, brainstorm innovative solutions, evaluate ideas, and align on optimal plans.

Creative Problem Solving
and Decisiveness

Equip your team with a structured, root cause-driven approach to critical thinking and innovative solution-finding through our intensive “Problem-Solving Skills Training” workshop.

Creative Problem-Solving Training

Diverse business professionals collaborating on strategic planning. Strategic Thinking Training workshop develops critical skills to identify opportunities, challenge assumptions, pivot strategies, and communicate vision effectively.

Strategic Thinking

Cultivate nimble, creative strategic thinking across your organization and empower your leaders with the frameworks to constantly assess opportunities, challenge assumptions, and pivot strategies by bringing our 2-day “Strategic Thinking” immersive workshop to your team.

Strategic Thinking Training

Diverse professionals collaborating on an influence model. Influencing Without Authority Training equips participants with tactics and tools to enlist help, shift perspectives, and drive change laterally without formal authority.

Influencing & Leading
Without Authority

Empower your experts and rising stars with science-backed techniques to gain buy-in, shape decisions, and drive change through our immersive “Influencing Without Authority” workshop.

Influencing Without Authority Training

Diverse professionals collaborating on innovation frameworks. Brain Science of Innovation Training utilizes neuroscience insights into habits, insights, and social dynamics to unlock creative potential at all levels of an organization.

& Innovation

Unlock your team’s creative potential and foster a culture of bottom-up innovation by bringing our intensive “Brain Science of Innovation” training to your leaders and change-makers.

Creativity and Innovation Training

& Persuasion

Empower your team members with science-backed techniques to confidently shift mindsets, sway opinions, and gain buy-in for ideas through our highly interactive 1-day “Influence and Persuasion” immersive workshop.

Influence and Persuasion Training


Team Building Workshops

Virtual Team Management: Remote workers connecting via video conference technology.

Strategic, Tech-Focused, Results Driven

Managing Virtual Teams

Boost collaboration, productivity, and innovation by sending your virtual team leaders and members to our strategic training focused on implementing best practices for communication, relationship building, and results.

Managing Virtual Teams Training

Team Building Workshops: Teams engaged in group activities, building rapport and trust.

Strategic, Cohesive, Empowering

Building Successful Teams

Boost teamwork, collaboration, and results by sending your leaders and team members to our strategic and empowering workshop focused on building shared goals, trust, and effective working relationships.

Building Successful Teams Training

Building Successful Teams Workshop: A diverse team laughing together while completing a team building exercise outdoors.

Insightful, Strategic, Actionable

Developing & Managing Effective Teams

Boost team alignment, collaboration, and performance by leveraging our insightful team assessments and strategic development framework to create targeted action plans tailored to your team’s specific needs.

Managing Effective Teams Training

Team Building 101 Workshop: A new team leader presenting team goals on a whiteboard to engaged employees.

Fundamental, Interactive, Empowering

Team Building For
New Leaders

Boost new team leader success by leveraging our fundamental yet interactive team development training where they will gain the core techniques to expedite team growth, cultivate collaboration, and drive results.

Team Building For New Leaders

Building Teamwork & Commitment Workshop: Small groups sharing ideas while referring back to action plans posted on the walls.

Insightful, Trust-Building, Customized

Building Teamwork & Commitment

Reignite stalled teams by leveraging our insightful DiSC®-based workshop to rebuild trust and commitment with customized delivery focused directly on your team’s specific needs.

Building Teamwork & Commitment

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Workshop: Multi-generational team intently reviewing performance metrics on digital tablets.

Insightful, Customized, Transformational

Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team

Get to the root of team dysfunction and catalyze performance by sending your group to our customizable workshop experience built around the renowned Five Behaviors model.

Five Behaviors Of A Cohesive Team


Professional Development Workshops For
Trainers & Instructional Designers



Engaging, Practical, Evaluative

Develop powerful training skills to become a certified facilitator who can effectively educate, engage, and inspire any audience through interactive instruction and compelling content delivery.


Train-the-Trainer Course


Comprehensive, Immersive, Accredited

Gain the proven framework and hands-on practice you need to develop advanced instructor skills, facilitate transformative classes, and earn an accredited certification to launch a rewarding career training others.


Corporate Trainer Certification


Train-the-Trainer Course

Inspirational, Strategic, Authoritative

Executive Presence Through Strategic Messaging – Our intensive communication training equips executives to convey vision, lead with credibility, and maximize impact through articulate and thoughtful interaction.


Online Train-the-Trainer Course

Train-the-Trainer Course

Innovative, Experiential, Optimizing

Take your training skills to the next level with an intensive workshop focused on breakthrough instructional design strategies, and hands-on practice with innovative delivery formats like storytelling.


Advanced TTT Skills


Survival Skills For
New Trainers

Fundamental, Interactive, Encouraging

Build vital presentation, facilitation, and interpersonal skills through hands-on practice and dedicated coaching in a welcoming space that gives new trainers the confidence and fundamentals to deliver effective sessions right away.


Developing Core Trainer Skills


Strategies & Tools
To Foster Learning

Innovative, Impact-Driven, Learner-Centric

Harness strategic storytelling to inspire, engage, and influence – our corporate storytelling training equips leaders with the narrative tools to drive change.


Fostering Active Learning

Training Return On Expectations

Strategic, Comprehensive, Actionable

Learn how to master the metrics that matter to accurately evaluate the business impact of training, address stakeholder questions about value, and pinpoint areas for ongoing optimization using flexible models tailored to your program needs.


Maximizing Training ROI



Strategic, Comprehensive, Actionable

Master the essential tools and models to effectively assess program outcomes, quantify business impact, foster stakeholder buy-in, pinpoint improvement areas and strengthen the strategic value of training through comprehensive, actionable evaluation approaches.


Evaluating Training Impact



Practical, Interactive, Coached

Foster a culture of excellence – our professionalism training strengthens employee conduct to uphold organizational values and standards.


Effective Technical Training Delivery


Using Powerpoint
For Trainers

Strategic, Visual, Conversational

Craft workplace-ready communications – our email etiquette training equips teams with the techniques to project polish and expertise through every inbox exchange.


Engaging Training Presentations



Hands-On, Relevant, Coached

Develop the hands-on instructional skills and job-specific training confidence to effectively teach critical functions, ensure workplace competency, and boost productivity through practical, real-world focused development of customizable on-the-job training.


Developing On-The-Job Skills Training


Instructional Design

Strategic, Hands-On, Applicable

Learn to strategically align development to organizational needs, design engaging performance-focused training, balance effectiveness with appeal, and continually optimize workplace learning programs through intensive, hands-on practice grounded in real-world company contexts.


Strategic Instructional Design Training


How To Design eLearning

Engaging, Adaptive, Intuitive

Master engaging course creation through hands-on practice with multimedia integration, personalized interactions, intuitive navigation, and user-centric design to develop dynamic, learner-focused eLearning aligned with organizational goals.


Developing Effective eLearning


How To Facilitate Virtual

Interactive, Polished, Adaptable

Master the engaging techniques, polished delivery, responsive facilitation skills, and adaptable best practices essential for expertly designed, impactful virtual training that connects remote learners and drives meaningful outcomes.


Facilitating Engaging Virtual Training



How To Create Engaging

Interactive, Relevant, Empowering

Boost training retention, knowledge transfer, and on-the-job impact by mastering interactive techniques, relevance customization, and empowering tools to actively involve your learners, connect to their priorities, and drive continued growth through a hands-on workshop forged from motivation research.


Creating Engaging Training For Your Audience


DiSC Certification

Immersive, Practical, Credible

Gain an intensive understanding of the DISC dimensions through interactive assessments, group collaboration, and activities designed to build practical strategies and accredited credentialing to immediately apply DISC insights for more adaptive workplace communications and relationships.


DiSC Certification Training


How To
Develop Training

Strategic, Hands-On, Optimized

Master the end-to-end instructional design process from strategic analysis through optimized, learner-centric training solutions with an intensive, hands-on workshop focused on practice applying evidence-based methodologies tailored to your specific organizational needs.


Interactive Training Techniques


Women In Leadership Workshops

Adaptability, Confidence, Influence

Influencing: Inspire Yourself and Others

Empower women leaders to rally support, gain recognition, and communicate ideas persuasively by mastering influence strategies and overcoming barriers through our interactive workshop teaching how to align influencing style with situation and audience.

Influencing Skills For Women Leaders

Clarity, Empowerment, Resilience

Embrace the Life You Want: Develop the Leader Within

Discover your inner compass and design a personal leadership vision to optimize “moments of choice” through self-reflection, values clarification, and vision writing in our empowering workshop teaching women to set realistic expectations and lead authentically.

Personal Leadership For Women

Awareness, Tactics, Empowerment

Smart Moves For Speaking Out

Bridge the gender communication gap and boost leadership perception by decoding biased reactions, assessing personal style, and mastering influential language through our interactive women’s leadership communication workshop.

Leadership Communication Skills For Womens

Awareness, Empowerment, Influence

Make Bold Choices As Women Leaders

Shift from acting “more like men” to addressing root causes by assessing personal implicit gender biases, recognizing systemic barriers, and boldly communicating with confidence through our interactive workshop arming women leaders with strategies to overcome unconscious bias behaviors impeding careers.

Overcoming Bias In Women Leaders


The TrainSmart Solution

ts-customer-jennifer-wemeke“TrainSmart has become a valued training and development resource to us. They consistently deliver and exceed our expectations, whether it’s providing internal training, keynote speakers for our annual meetings, or leadership development for our senior management team. Our managers and staff have given high marks to each consultant we’ve worked with. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I have TrainSmart as a partner.”

Soft Skills Training By Profession

TrainSmart Is Your Soft Skills Training Solution

TrainSmart can become your full-service training department, delivering solutions to all your on-site training needs. When you partner with us, you gain several advantages, including:

Fully customized training content and delivery
Fully customized
content & delivery

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TrainSmart is a certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (2000) and a Woman Small Business (2015).

We have approximately 300 facilitators, professional development trainers, instructional designers, and content developers strategically located in the United States and around the world.

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