What is the difference between on-boarding and orientation?  Do you have a process for the first 30, 60 and 90 days? Is on-boarding considered just an “HR” function?  The quality of a new employee’s introduction and acclimation to their new company, job and co-workers is directly related to their productivity and retention during their first year on the job.

In TrainSMART’s On-Target On-Boarding Training For Managers you and your group will earn the critical elements of an effective on-boarding program that will decrease turnover, engage new employees and improve accountability in this one day, interactive workshop.

You will leave this session with a plan for success!

The Problem

  • There is no process for on-boarding new employees
  • An employee’s first day is chaos
  • Employees do not feel welcomed or engaged
  • Insufficient time is spent acclimating employees and setting them up for success
  • Turnover is high

Our Solution

  • Create a positive first impression for new employees
  • Set clear expectations for the first 90 days and beyond
  • Create a strong message about organizational culture
  • Engage and acclimate employees to their new role and the company
  • Implement on-boarding best practices

Manager On-Boarding Training Course Outline

  • Challenges and Benefits
  • Define the purpose and goals of on-boarding
    • Orientation vs. On-boarding
    • Legal issues and paperwork
    • Understanding the company culture
    • Expectations and Engagement
    • Creating a Process
      • Before the employee begins
      • Day 1 is critical
      • Team Building
      • 30, 60, and 90 day plan
      • Assigning a Mentor
      • Involving Managers and Co-workers
      • On-boarding Best Practices

Target Audience

  • Hiring Managers

Delivery Options

On-Target On-boarding is available in the following formats: Full Day Face-to-Face Training Workshop

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    Human Resources Workshops

    Ethics Workshop: People in professional work attire seated around a conference table having an engaged discussion.

    Insightful, Practical, Empowering


    This workshop provides managers with a proven framework to tackle real-world ethical dilemmas.

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    Preventing Workplace Violence Workshop: A diverse group of employees listening intently to an instructor at the front of a training room.

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    Workplace Violence Prevention

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    Workplace Harassment

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    Onboarding Workshop: New employees meeting teammates and learning about company culture.

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    On-Target Onboarding

    This workshop provides managers a blueprint to welcome, acclimate, and retain new hires starting on day one.

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    Anti-Bullying Workshop: Co-workers having respectful conversations in an office environment.

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    Bullying In The Workplace

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    Talent Retention Workshop: A manager providing coaching and feedback to an employee.

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    Goodbye Talent Turnover

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    DEI Workshop: Colleagues collaborating on a project, appreciating each other's diverse perspectives.

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