Class Length 60 minutes; 90 minutes, two hours, three hours Prerequisites None


Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important value propositions in the workplace as they deal with respect of individuals. During this keynote session, participants will understand how DEI organizational values are established, communicated, embraced, enforced, and celebrated throughout the organization. Through a series of analogies, practical tips, and a brief historical overview, Connie will present new perspectives on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Associates will understand the difference between horizontal and vertical diversity issues and policies and will learn how to navigate difficult conversations.

Target Audience

Associates at all levels who want to understand diversity, equity, and inclusion and why it is so important in the workplace.

The Challenge

Today’s racial unrest, with repeated flare-ups, is unsettling to everyone.

  • How do we process the challenges in our current environment?
  • How can we maintain positivity and productivity in the workplace if our views and experiences differ from our colleagues

Our Solution
To Learn to:

  • Realize that embracing diversity involves both behavior and mindset
  • Create or contribute to an inclusive and respectful environment
  • Identify and communicate challenges to a positive culture before they become a problem
  • Never lose sight of the ultimate objective of the organization
  • Recognize that professional excellence requires inclusion, respect, and collaboration

Course Outline

  • Review various perceptions of race and racial unrest from an historical perspective
  • Understand the organization’s values as it relates to diversity
  • Learn to identify and begin to challenge negative perceptions even those that may be personally held
  • Identify the benefits of differences and how embracing them can positively impact the bottom line

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