Modality Neutrality has its benefits.  It means when you need to design, develop and deliver a training   you can be confident that the recommended training approach will best meet your needs, rather than ours.

That’s the guiding principle at TrainSmart: One size does not fit all.

Here’s another guiding principle: Modality Neutrality makes you nimble.  It happens all the time. A training request comes in for one modality and before the project is off the ground, there is a need to revamp or add another modality.

As a full service learning and development team immersed in all the modalities, a change request is not a problem. When we say we do it all, we do it all: so if you need traditional instructor-led or cutting edge mobile or interactive game-based e-learning experiences, TrainSmart is your training partner.

With deep experience in pharmaceuticals, finance, automotive, technology, food service, oil and gas, government and health care industries, we like to be judged on the quality of our work plus the quantity of long-term clients.

Great work isn’t really great work unless there’s a great working relationship backing it up. That’s the TrainSmart magic. Clients keep returning to TrainSmart because we are a company they can trust and more importantly a company they enjoy working with.

Founded in 1994, TrainSmart is WBE certified and offers the only Train-the-Trainer of its kind certified by the International Board of Certified Trainers. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, TrainSmart has offices in California, Pennsylvania, Florida and Minnesota.

Our performance solutions catalog lists over 150 off the shelf courses available on topics ranging from communications, human resources, leadership and management to customer service, sales, strategic skills and team building; leveraging content from this selection often builds a client’s training program.

TrainSmart also offers a series of courses for Training Professionals, Designers and Developers, as well as a cutting-edge program on Women in Leadership. In addition to these ready to launch workshops, TrainSmart designs, develops and delivers custom-tailored programs for technologies and soft skill solutions.

Who Are We

We are practitioners of classical instructional design; TrainSmart bases the majority of or design activities on the ADDIE, SAM and AGILE models.  What sets us apart is the ability to take these classical models and adapt contemporary approaches, allowing us to create learning solutions that are immersive, motivational, sustainable and engaging.

TrainSmart’s tools and processes make up our World class Service Model: Relationship, Value and Measurement.  To execute on this Model, TrainSmart leverages an implementation of long-term value framework structure that includes: Dedicated Client Account Manager; Constant Delivery Team; Consultative Assistance; Client Support and Comprehensive Training and Education.

The TrainSmart Team is a highly motivated, energetic, talented team that brings decades of experience to their projects.  They are culturally diverse group, whose backgrounds include curriculum design, programming, teaching, training, accounting, talent development, organizational development, sales and marketing and professional speaking.

Core Values


Clients We Work With














We’re A Certified Women Owned Business


We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and providing world-class customer service.

We listen, we respond and we take action, to help you implement the desired changes to reach your goals.