Does your organization struggle with unprofessional behavior that is hindering productivity and morale? Between the lack of courtesy, poor communication, and bad attitudes, many employees demonstrate behaviors that reflect poorly on themselves and your company.

You know that professionalism matters. But fostering it across an entire organization is easier said than done. An investment in professional development can pay huge dividends though.

Bring Professionalism Training To Your Organization

That’s why your organization needs TrainSMART’s People Skills & Professionalism In The Workplace Training. Our highly interactive workshops deliver personalized coaching that sticks. Just a single day can lead to remarkable improvements in:

  • Respect and Courtesy – Disrespectful language and actions will be replaced with consideration and support. Employees will treat each other better.
  • Communication – Misunderstandings will be reduced as employees master active listening, constructive feedback, and clear messaging.
  • Attire & Presentation – Employees will represent your brand appropriately by dressing properly for their work environment. First impressions matter.
  • Personal Responsibility – Blaming others will be minimized as employees learn to take ownership of mistakes and hold themselves accountable.
  • Attitudes – Negative mindsets will shift to optimistic ones focused on solutions rather than problems. Morale will improve.

These benefits translate into a more cohesive, motivated workforce that delivers superior customer experiences. Professionalism training is an investment that boosts retention and recruitment too. Talented professionals want to work at organizations where they are surrounded by colleagues who act professionally.

Don’t settle for mediocre behavior. Imagine the impact on your organization when every team member models excellence through professional words, actions, and attitudes.

TrainSMART delivers the highly personalized coaching and experiential learning required to make it happen. Bring our private professionalism workshops to your workplace for tangible returns. Every employee and manager will grow.

Contact us using the form below to learn more about our customizable training options and schedule an upcoming session that works for your team. Investing in your people is wise – and with TrainSMART, it’s easy.

Are Your Team Members Experiencing:

  • Lack of courtesy and respect within business teams
  • Misunderstandings due to ineffective communication
  • Poor customer service
  • Unprofessional attire for business casual environments
  • Finger-pointing and lack of personal responsibility
  • Bad attitudes

The TrainSMART Solution

  • Learn how to behave professionally in all situations
  • Learn how to identify the benefits of being professional
  • Learn how to project a positive image that exudes confidence
  • Learn how to work positively and professionally with others
  • Learn how to define why different communication styles impact understanding
  • Learn how to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in your own communication style
  • Learn how to define strategies to handle challenging situations more professionally

Workplace Professionalism Training Outline


  • Definition of workplace professionalism
  • Benefits of professionalism for employees and organizations
  • Overview of the training workshop

The 3 A’s of Professionalism

  • Appearance
    • Business casual attire
    • Good hygiene and grooming
  • Attitude
    • Positive mindset
    • Respect and courtesy
  • Actions
    • Punctuality
    • Productivity
    • Ownership and accountability

First Impressions

  • The impact of first impressions
  • Making a great first impression
    • Firm handshake
    • Eye contact
    • Posture and body language
  • Following up after initial meetings

Effective Communication

  • Verbal communication
    • Tone, volume, articulation
  • Non-verbal communication
    • Body language, facial expressions, eye contact
  • Active listening skills
  • Communication styles
    • Passive, aggressive, assertive
  • Providing feedback constructively

Email and Phone Etiquette

  • Professional email writing
    • Structure, tone, formality
  • Email signatures and display names
  • Effective phone skills
    • Answering, placing calls
    • Voicemails, conference calls

Navigating Challenging Situations

  • Maintaining composure
  • Redirecting difficult conversations
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Knowing when to involve management

Choosing a Positive Attitude

  • Benefits of a positive attitude
  • Managing stress and emotions
  • Exuding confidence and enthusiasm
  • Inspiring others through positive example

Conclusion and Q&A

Target Audience

TrainSMART’s People Skills & Professionalism In The Workplace Face-to-Face Training is for managers and employees at all levels who want to improve their communication abilities and develop workplace professional strategies for success.

Delivery Options

People Skills & Workplace Professionalism Training is available in the following formats: Conference Breakout Session or 1-Hour Lunch & Learn, Half-Day Face-to-Face Training Workshop, Full Day Face-to-Face Training Workshop, Multi-Session Webinar, and Live Virtual Instructor-led Classroom Training

Questions This Page Answers

  • Who offers on-site professionalism in workplace training for groups?
  • Who offers professionalism training virtually?
  • Do you customize professionalism in workplace training? Yes! We can customize this course to your audience.

TrainSmart is a certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (2000) and a Woman Small Business (2015).

We have approximately 300 facilitators, professional development trainers, instructional designers, and content developers strategically located in the United States and around the world.

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