Advance Your Training Delivery & Design Skills with Our Intensive 3-Day Workshop

Our 3-day advanced train-the-trainer workshop equips experienced trainers with an overflowing toolkit of strategies to create compelling, engaging learning experiences that adapt to any training challenge. Over the intensive 3 days, you’ll learn from expert facilitators how to craft sticky training content rapidly using storytelling, visuals, simulations, and more. This is the perfect course to take your training skills to the next level!

Today’s rapidly evolving business environment demands that employees acquire new skills and knowledge quickly and efficiently. But with limited design time, how can trainers and instructional designers meet these ever-changing needs?

Look no further than our 3-day advanced train-the-trainer skills intensive workshop – The Explorers Expedition: Crafting Engaging Training Experiences. This course will equip you with an overflowing toolkit of strategies to create sticky, engaging learning experiences that adapt to any training challenge.

Target Audience

Anyone who has taken the Train the Trainer and wants a more intense exploration of ways to create sticky and engaging training quickly and efficiently.

The Challenge

The Rapid Pace of Change Creates Urgent Training Challenges

Today’s business environment is defined by speed – markets shift rapidly, modern technologies emerge constantly, and strategies seem to change overnight. Employees need to continuously learn new skills, adapt to existing capabilities, and stay ahead of the curve.

As a trainer, this rapid pace of change creates urgent challenges:

  • Design and development time is severely limited. There is no time for lengthy course creation.
  • Training content goes outdated quickly. Static courses cannot keep pace with ever-shifting business priorities.
  • Learners need to acquire skills and knowledge “just in time.” “Bite-sized, scenario-based, learner-centric training is a must!
  • Engagement and retention are impaired by condensed timelines. Learners must grasp concepts quickly.
  • Training budgets are tight. Resources must be used efficiently.

Today’s trainers need an ever-expanding toolkit to rapidly design and deliver training that sticks despite these challenges. They need to tap into creative, accelerated techniques that provide engaging learning experiences on a limited timeline.

Our Solution

In this intensive 3-day workshop, you will learn techniques to rapidly design and deliver engaging, sticky learning experiences:

Craft stories to humanize concepts, enhance retention, and provide relevant context for applying new skills. Storytelling is a powerful training tool.

Enhance retention and comprehension by verbally “painting” vivid visuals that make abstract concepts concrete. Bring content to life through imagery and metaphor.

Apply accelerated learning techniques like active scenarios, simulations, and peer exchanges to immerse learners. Design training for maximum engagement and comprehension.

Fill the holes in knowledge and skills by analyzing performance gaps and targeting training to bridge them. Ensure training builds capabilities.

Curate curiosity with thought-provoking activities that drive learner participation. Spark their interest and motivation to learn.

Remove barriers to learning by considering cognitive load, delivery medium, and audience needs. Enable easy absorption of concepts.

Build a learning community with discussions, collaborative projects, and opportunities to share experiences. Deepen learning through peer interactions.

Create micro and mobile learning that provides just-in-time training accessible on any device.

Develop learning games like role plays, quizzes, and friendly competitions to energize learners.

Evaluate training at four levels using Kirkpatrick’s model for continuous improvement. Measure outcomes, application, behavior change, and ROI.

Over the 3 action-packed days, you will learn from expert trainers how to:

  • Craft compelling stories that increase retention and comprehension
  • Verbally “paint” vivid visuals that bring concepts to life
  • Apply accelerated learning techniques to instructional design and delivery
  • Stimulate curiosity and remove barriers to maximize learner engagement
  • Develop microlearning, mobile learning, and interactive games
  • Evaluate training using the Kirkpatrick model

You will come away with hands-on experience and be ready to immediately implement these practical techniques for crafting training that “sticks.”

This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to take their training skills to the next level. If you are hungry for new, creative approaches to meet the demands of today’s rapid business environment, secure your spot today!

We offer both public workshops and private onsite training for organizations. Contact us to discuss how we can design a custom learning experience tailored to your unique training needs and goals. Now is the time to master the art and science of sticky learning design!

Advanced Train-the-Trainer Skills Course Outline

Day 1

  • What Are We Doing?
  • How to Tell Stories
  • How to “Paint” Concepts with Visuals
  • How to Use a Storyboard to Convey a Concept
  • How to Design Sticky Training Quickly
  • How to Identify Gaps in Learning

Day 2

  • How to Get Learning Working
  • How to Create Curiosity in Your Learners
  • How to Remove Barriers to Learning
  • Morphing Crazy Ideas
  • How to Build a Community
  • How to Make So-So Explanations Engaging and Sticky
  • How to Creatively Revise a Course
  • How to Get Learners Involved in the Learning
  • How to Build In the 70% Practice/ 30% Instruction Guideline?
  • How to Have Learners Apply Their New Knowledge in A Real-World Scenario

Day 3

  • How to Create Microlearning and Mobile Learning
    • Microlearning
    • Tools for Microlearning
    • Mobile Learning (mLearning)
  • How to Create Learning Games
    • Connections
    • Energizers
    • Games for Learning
  • How to Evaluate Training
    • Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation
    • How to Figure Out if They “Got It” – Writing Assessments
    • Cognitive Levels and Assessments
  • Multiple Choice
  • Matching Questions
  • True/False Questions
  • What Should I Put in My Training Tool Kit

Advanced Train-the-Trainer
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