“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.”

Anyone ever say that line to you? Have you ever said that line to someone you work with? Most likely, you’ve wanted to say it, but opted for silence instead.

It’s one of those lines that resonates with everyone because it rings true. A failure to communicate is so pervasive in business that it’s listed as the root cause of everything from absenteeism and employee turnover to poor customer service and failed projects (missed deadlines/increased costs).  A U.S. Joint Commission for Hospital Accreditation found that when patients have been inadvertently harmed, a communication failure is the cause in 70% of the cases..

When asked what the biggest issue their business faces, most executives don’t list unskilled workers, higher salaries or a changing global marketplace, they say communication. In study after study, the failure to communicate is businesses biggest nemesis.

Everyone wants to work with employees who have great communication skills.  They’re the
problem solvers. The time savers. The team builders. The star presenters. The negotiators. The
mediators. They know how to listen. They know how to ask the right questions. They’re “that

TrainSmart offers you a comprehensive catalog of communication skill training workshops to make every employee – “that employee.” whether they are early, mid or late career personnel.

From mastering the art of the email to becoming a master of conflict management, our workshops are scalable and can easily be adapted to multiple learning platforms.

Our team has the expertise and experience to design, develop and facilitate custom communication training courses across the globe.

We will partner with you to tailor a communication training workshop to fit the needs of your team, department or organization.

If you have a specific need and not sure whether our workshop delivers what you need, give us a call at 800-807-8030.

On-Site Communication Skills Training Courses We Offer:

Email Etiquette Training [Mastering the Art of Email to Propel Your Career]

Mastering The Art of The Email To Propel Your Career is based on the simple concept that all communications have a result. If you want a result that demonstrates your professionalism, you need to create emails that are professional.

In this email etiquette training course you’ll learn techniques and strategies to get the results you want for your career.

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Create Winning Business Writing Through Storytelling Training Course

Learn how to practice storytelling to strengthen marketing messages and examine the power of storytelling for getting readers to care about your message.

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Cultural Intelligence Training For Leaders

Learn to successfully build the framework and communication required to cross cultural and geographic differences in order to succeed.

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Building Better Relationships with Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to understand the principles of emotional intelligence (EQ) Identify how the brain works when presented with stress or lack of clarity and develop skills to increase communication between team members or teams.

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Writing For Leadership

Learn how to understand the fundamentals of writing as a member of corporate management, avoid the most common errors spotted by management and write successful executive summaries, successful reports and performance evaluations.

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Writing To Improve Your Bottom Line Workshop

This highly interactive, fast paced practical writing workshop is fun and full of tips and techniques that can increase your bottom line by making your written communication compelling, brief, and active.

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Think On Your Feet! Present With Clarity & Confidence

Learn how to focus on the presentation message, use techniques for incorporating a message into a memorable presentation and use methods for connecting with your audience.

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Executive Presence Training

Understanding Yourself – The Key to Success

Learn how to develop the skills needed to effectively relate with others, identify the behaviors you exhibit that add value to relationships and evaluate the behaviors you exhibit that need improvement.

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Conflict Management Training Course

Learn how to define the benefits of productive conflict, identify and minimize the root cause of conflicts and understand how different communication styles react to conflict.

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Building Better Business Relationships Training

Learn how to define the basic dimensions of behavior, identify the techniques for adjusting behavior depending on the situation and other people’s needs and maximize strengths and reduce weaknesses in the work environment.

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Business Communication Training Workshop

Learn how to identify and perform the roles of an effective communicator, demonstrate active listening and perform critical conversations with confidence.

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Conversation Skills Training For The Workplace: ConversationSMART

Advanced Presentation Skills Training Course

Take your presentation skills to the next level and learn how to create and deliver dynamic presentations that generate action and produce results. Increase positive outcomes in meetings, sales presentations, technical communication, strategy and improvement plans, and overall communication in many situations. Advanced presentation skills workshop will incorporate ideas, techniques and practice opportunities to improve current presentation skills. Participants will receive professional coaching and feedback and receive a recorded copy of their practice for self-evaluation.

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Dealing With Difficult People at Work Training

Learn how to distinguish when it is useless to argue with the difficult person, maintain their own sense of self-confidence, avoid verbal abuse and select the correct course of action.

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Custom-Tailored Meeting Facilitation Training

Learn how to understand the elements of productive meetings, understand the cost of a meeting, consistently use a meeting process for greater success, and improve facilitation skills.

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Technical & Report Writing Training Course

Learn how to put complex subjects in terms that are clear and concise, use the development of a writing style that’s more useful to readers and write reports using a fast and easy approach.

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People Skills & Professionalism Training: PeopleSMART

Psychologists have proven that the most important factor in your success and well-being is not your intelligence, education or physical assets, but how effective you are with people.

Learn techniques to improve communication and relationship building skills, enhance professionalism and increase confidence in a variety of business situations.

Using the DiSC® Assessment, this workshop will help participants understand their own communication style and how to adjust their style to fit the needs of others. Identify professional behaviors and develop a strategy to improve communication and behaviors to ensure success!

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