Professional Athletes Do It. Doctors Do It. Dancers and musicians do it too. They train. On a regular basis. Throughout their careers. Regardless of how successful they are, these professionals understand that regular training is essential for their continued success.

It shouldn’t be any different for training professionals.

As a training company, TrainSmart is in a unique position to understand the special training needs of the training professional. The training profession is undergoing a seismic shift.

From the emergence of blended learning to the flipped classroom to micro-learning, BYOD and virtual workshops, today’s training professionals are being expected to know and master new learning platforms and paradigms.

That’s why TrainSmart offers a variety of resources and training workshops for trainers and training professionals to completely customize the learning experience. We think of it as a personal Boot Camp because every training professional has different needs and wants.

We customize the learning to focus on your immediate and pressing learning needs.

Training Workshops For Trainers & Delivery Methods

Training ProfessionalsLunch &
Full Day
Train-the-Trainer Course + CertificationYES
Beyond T3: Enhance Your Training & Engage Your AudienceYESYESYESYES
How To Facilitate Virtual Training CertificateYES
How To Design & Present Technical Training CertificateYESYESYES
Instructional Design Fundamentals CertificateYESYESYESYES
Instructional Design - Digging DeeperYESYESYES
Design & Present On The Job Training CertificateYES
Discovering The Power Of PowerPoint CertificateYESYES
DiSC Certification TrainingYESYES
Survival Skills For A New TrainerYESYES
Training Evaluation BasicsYES
Instructional Design: Starting With An End In MindYESYES
Designing For eLearning: Where Do I Start?YESYES
Live Online Train-the-TrainerYESYES
How To Create & Deliver Virtual TrainingYES
Train-the-Trainer: – Strategies & Tools To Foster LearningYESYES
Train-the-Trainer – Training Using Discovery and ExplorationYESYES
Return on Expectations CertificateYESYESYES