Professional Athletes Do It. Doctors Do It. Dancers and musicians do it too. They train. On a regular basis. Throughout their careers. Regardless of how successful they are, these professionals understand that regular training is essential for their continued success.

It shouldn’t be any different for training professionals.

As a training company, TrainSmart is in a unique position to understand the special training needs of the training professional. The training profession is undergoing a seismic shift.

From the emergence of blended learning to the flipped classroom to micro-learning, BYOD and virtual workshops, today’s training professionals are being expected to know and master new learning platforms and paradigms.

That’s why TrainSmart offers a variety of resources and workshops to completely customize the learning experience. We think of it as a personal Boot Camp because every training professional has different needs and wants. We customize the learning to focus on your immediate and pressing learning needs.

Story-Based eLearning Design Certificate

How to Facilitate Virtual Training Course

PowerPoint Training Course For Trainers

Beyond T3. . .Enhance Your Training & Engage Your Audience

Advanced Instructional Design Training

Instructional Design Fundamentals Training Course

Successful training starts with a solid design for the content and materials and methods that will support training goals. Instructional Design (ID) involves a systematic process that involves analysis of training needs, creating learning objectives, planning the training, identifying training methods, determining content and activities and all of the details of the training event.

TrainSmart’s Instructional Design Fundamentals will step you through this process and assist you with designing and developing impactful training courses.

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Training Boot Camp for Training Professionals

The Training Excellence Boot Camp is designed to focus on helping individuals or groups become more effective training professionals.

TrainSmart has multiple resources and workshops designed for training professionals. Our training consultants are some of the best in the business with a variety of expertise. Rather than a single workshop approach,

TrainSmart will assist you in creating a plan to improve skills and knowledge in multiple areas of the training business. ­­Whether you are new to the training business or a seasoned professional, this boot camp will be designed to start where you need and take you to higher levels of success!

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How to Design & Present On-the-Job Training

Does your on-the-job training involve teaming up a senior employee with a new employee and hoping that necessary skills, standard operating procedures and company goal knowledge is transferred?

Effective on-the-job training requires a process, goals and assessments to ensure that knowledge will be learned, remembered and utilized.

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How to Design and Present Technical Training

Technical trainers are often subject matter experts who have been given responsibilities to teach others their knowledge and expertise.

The problem is that no one has prepared them to create and deliver training that goes beyond demonstration and lecture and focuses on application and practice.

This interactive workshop provides a hands-on approach to understanding adult learning, the art of asking questions and facilitating discussion, how to incorporate activities that enhance learning, and design and develop materials that will supplement discussion.

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Scenario Based e-Learning Design Certificate

So you’ve decided to include e-Learning as part of your training process, but you’ve heard stories from others about challenges of ineffectiveness, costly development, low learner engagement and lack of retention and utilization of new skills and knowledge.

One of your primary goals is to increase skills and knowledge in the areas of critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. These are skills that require people to “jump-in” and learn by doing. Scenario Based e-Learning (SBL) will help your organization challenge employees in these key areas.

TrainSmart's workshop, Scenario-Based e-Learning Design Certificate, focuses on effective and cost-efficient SBL design and development techniques, assists leaders with identifying the best opportunities for SBL, and helps you create SBL’s that immediately impact performance!

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Get DiSC Certification Training (Online & On-Site)

Many organizations use DiSC® as a fundamental tool to improve communication and relationships.

If you would like to drive a stronger focus on taking DiSC® from the classroom to application in real-life situations, an effective option may be to certify trainers, managers, or coaches to improve understanding of DiSC® concepts.

Learn the essential skills to effectively administer and interpret DiSC® profiles and reports, enhance workshops and coaching sessions using DiSC® concepts and activities, and add value to communication throughout the organization.

Keep the DiSC® concepts alive with this two day, interactive, fun and educational workshop.

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Developing Training – A Virtual Series