Whether you think of it as an adage or a cliché, few expressions capture the essence of 
PowerPoint more than, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” PowerPoint has been part of our business culture since 1990. For training professionals, it’s a key component of most instructor-led and virtual training sessions. 

Over the past 25 years it’s become a workhorse for training professionals, and whether you love it or disdain it, PowerPoint is an indispensible business tool. And yet, it is a business tool that is probably the most misused and misunderstood. 

When misused, a poorly executed PowerPoint diminishes the effectiveness of your training. It sends a message to training attendees that this trainer is not on top of her game. That she is not dynamic, doesn’t know the material and has to rely on the “slides” for notes. 

This misuse is so common that it’s become part of the corporate vernacular: Death by PowerPoint. Too much text, using the “slides” to tell the story instead of supporting it and choosing fonts that are difficult to read. Major mistakes,but mistakes that are easily fixed. 

The message that a poorly constructed PowerPoint presentation sends to training attendees is that this trainer is not on top of her game. 

TrainSmart’s Discovering The Power of PowerPoint teaches you how to use this tool to enhance, engage and enthrall your audience. Through these proven techniques, you will create presentations that are focused and memorable. 

The Problem

Ineffective slides that do not match or enhance the presentation, too many slides, poor use of animation and transitions, lack of interest and focus with slides

Our Solution

  • Recognize the essentials of good PowerPoint design
  • Produce compelling, engaging, and dynamic visuals that enhance your presentation
  • Improve visuals with animation and transitions
  • Save time with Master Templates
  • Identify the best practices for professional interaction between the presenter, the screen, the computer, and the projector
  • Create charts and graphs that provide impact

Course Outline

  • Good Design Elements
  • Starting with Storyboards: Matching the visuals to the content of your presentation
  • Formatting: Beyond the basics, text, objects, pictures
  • Charts and Graphs: Creating, linking, formatting
  • Using Animation and Transitions: Slides, text, and graphics
  • Master Templates: Creating and using
  • Slide Shows: Timing, effects, interaction
  • Customizing the Ribbon
  • Technology Tips and Tricks

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to enhance their PowerPoint knowledge to create visuals

Delivery Options

Discovering the Power of PowerPoint is available in the following delivery options: Full Day Training Workshop, Multi-Session Webinar

Training Professional Workshops We Offer

Training Courses For Trainers & Instructional Designers


Engaging, Practical, Evaluative

Develop powerful training skills to become a certified facilitator who can effectively educate, engage, and inspire any audience through interactive instruction and compelling content delivery.


Train-the-Trainer Course


Comprehensive, Immersive, Accredited

Gain the proven framework and hands-on practice you need to develop advanced instructor skills, facilitate transformative classes, and earn an accredited certification to launch a rewarding career training others.


Corporate Trainer Certification


Train-the-Trainer Course

Inspirational, Strategic, Authoritative

Executive Presence Through Strategic Messaging – Our intensive communication training equips executives to convey vision, lead with credibility, and maximize impact through articulate and thoughtful interaction.


Online Train-the-Trainer Course

Train-the-Trainer Course

Innovative, Experiential, Optimizing

Take your training skills to the next level with an intensive workshop focused on breakthrough instructional design strategies, and hands-on practice with innovative delivery formats like storytelling.


Advanced TTT Skills


Survival Skills For
New Trainers

Fundamental, Interactive, Encouraging

Build vital presentation, facilitation, and interpersonal skills through hands-on practice and dedicated coaching in a welcoming space that gives new trainers the confidence and fundamentals to deliver effective sessions right away.


Developing Core Trainer Skills


Strategies & Tools
To Foster Learning

Innovative, Impact-Driven, Learner-Centric

Harness strategic storytelling to inspire, engage, and influence – our corporate storytelling training equips leaders with the narrative tools to drive change.


Fostering Active Learning

Training Return On Expectations

Strategic, Comprehensive, Actionable

Learn how to master the metrics that matter to accurately evaluate the business impact of training, address stakeholder questions about value, and pinpoint areas for ongoing optimization using flexible models tailored to your program needs.


Maximizing Training ROI



Strategic, Comprehensive, Actionable

Master the essential tools and models to effectively assess program outcomes, quantify business impact, foster stakeholder buy-in, pinpoint improvement areas and strengthen the strategic value of training through comprehensive, actionable evaluation approaches.


Evaluating Training Impact



Practical, Interactive, Coached

Foster a culture of excellence – our professionalism training strengthens employee conduct to uphold organizational values and standards.


Effective Technical Training Delivery


Using Powerpoint
For Trainers

Strategic, Visual, Conversational

Craft workplace-ready communications – our email etiquette training equips teams with the techniques to project polish and expertise through every inbox exchange.


Engaging Training Presentations



Hands-On, Relevant, Coached

Develop the hands-on instructional skills and job-specific training confidence to effectively teach critical functions, ensure workplace competency, and boost productivity through practical, real-world focused development of customizable on-the-job training.


Developing On-The-Job Skills Training


Instructional Design

Strategic, Hands-On, Applicable

Learn to strategically align development to organizational needs, design engaging performance-focused training, balance effectiveness with appeal, and continually optimize workplace learning programs through intensive, hands-on practice grounded in real-world company contexts.


Strategic Instructional Design Training


How To Design eLearning

Engaging, Adaptive, Intuitive

Master engaging course creation through hands-on practice with multimedia integration, personalized interactions, intuitive navigation, and user-centric design to develop dynamic, learner-focused eLearning aligned with organizational goals.


Developing Effective eLearning


How To Facilitate Virtual

Interactive, Polished, Adaptable

Master the engaging techniques, polished delivery, responsive facilitation skills, and adaptable best practices essential for expertly designed, impactful virtual training that connects remote learners and drives meaningful outcomes.


Facilitating Engaging Virtual Training



How To Create Engaging

Interactive, Relevant, Empowering

Boost training retention, knowledge transfer, and on-the-job impact by mastering interactive techniques, relevance customization, and empowering tools to actively involve your learners, connect to their priorities, and drive continued growth through a hands-on workshop forged from motivation research.


Creating Engaging Training For Your Audience


DiSC Certification

Immersive, Practical, Credible

Gain an intensive understanding of the DISC dimensions through interactive assessments, group collaboration, and activities designed to build practical strategies and accredited credentialing to immediately apply DISC insights for more adaptive workplace communications and relationships.


DiSC Certification Training


How To
Develop Training

Strategic, Hands-On, Optimized

Master the end-to-end instructional design process from strategic analysis through optimized, learner-centric training solutions with an intensive, hands-on workshop focused on practice applying evidence-based methodologies tailored to your specific organizational needs.


Interactive Training Techniques


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