TrainSMART learns about you.

Our learning and development consultants take the time to learn about you and your needs. We ensure that you know us too. Mutual trust is a key component of successful relationships and successful solutions to complex situations.

We Bring You The Best Talent

TrainSMART brings you the best talent!

You don’t want second best!  Our recommended learning solutions are as complex as they need to be and always effective.  Our experts know their business and invest in your business.

Your business Is Our Business

Your business is our business.

We invest in each and every project.  We take the time to do our homework, so that our learning solutions provide your business with a clear roadmap to increase productivity, efficiency, overall communication and employee morale.

We Do Our Homework

We do our homework.

We know about traditions!  We know the skills that others bring to the marketplace.  We work hard and efficiently to see the future – to find out what’s coming and how best to integrate it into human resource and organizational solutions that move you ahead of your competition.  We do this in every category – Customer Service, Leadership and Management, Employee Development and Customer Satisfaction!

TrainSMART Is Committed To You

TrainSMART is committed to you.

We do not settle for the status quo!  We partner with you to find the best ways to meet your needs and expectations with an eye on budget and outcomes.

We Look Beyond Today

We look beyond today!

TrainSmart looks to your future!  If you grow, we grow.  If you beat your competition, we beat ours.  If you achieve results, so do we!  We know our business, we’ll learn yours.  We are a trusted partner, not just a vendor!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please describe your target market. If known, please include their income, interest, gender, age, etc. Is your focus on business-to-business? If so, what type of companies you’re looking to attract?

TrainSmart’s target market is business-to-business and companies that have at least $10 million in gross revenues as well as Fortune 1000 companies.  We want a mix of companies, industries, and learning-specific projects/engagements.

Companies that are privately held, with an employee base of 100 – 1,000 are quicker to close than the Fortune 1000.

Less procurement activity and usually the decision maker (C-Class, Director level) understands how the learning activity ties to the company’s strategic goals and objectives. TrainSmart has been successful with consulting companies, engineering, manufacturing, service industries, not-for-profit, as well as pharma/compliant responsible companies.

Income, interest, gender, age…..does not matter if they understand what they are charged to purchase and what the success of that service looks like.  An uninformed, inexperienced person that is only gathering information with no understanding, is the worst person to talk to…

What solutions do your provide and how do they fulfill the need of you clientele?

TrainSmart provides learning solutions for challenges that our clients are experiencing.

Acquisitions, reduction in force, compliance related needs, company growth and formalization are some of the reasons that companies turn to TrainSmart.

We access the current state, and gather information to make a recommendation that aligns with what the client has told us.

What factors do you feel gives you your competitive advantage over your competition?

One of the competitive advantages that we have over our competition is the fact that we understand both sides of the desk.  As an employee, as a member of management, as a trainer/designer of a corporation as well as a business solutions consultant.

TrainSmart is a boutique learning and development organization that has access to a talent pool that is the best in class. We draw from the talent pool as needed, while having the ongoing support of a strong intelligent, creative employee base and core consultants.

Our reputation – culture and vision align with our employees, consultants and clients.

Our Clients