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At TrainSmart, our experienced corporate training consultants empower organizations to get the most out of their human capital. As a leading training and development consulting firm, we partner with companies across industries to assess their needs, design strategic solutions, and deliver training that transforms their workforce.

With our customized corporate training programs, your employees will gain the exact skills and knowledge needed to drive productivity, innovation, and growth.

The Importance of Corporate Training and Development

Now more than ever, organizations must invest in effective training and development to build and retain top talent. With disruption and digital transformation impacting every industry, your people need continuous skills upgrading and coaching to keep pace.

Well-designed corporate training delivered by experienced consultants achieves the following benefits:

  • Closes skills gaps – a targeted training needs analysis followed by tailored development ensures your team is equipped with the technical, leadership, and interpersonal abilities to excel and add value.
  • Boosts employee engagement and retention – your people want opportunities to learn, grow, and advance. Providing relevant training shows you’re committed to their success.
  • Improves productivity and performance – sharpened skills directly translate into improved processes, higher quality, increased sales, and better customer experiences.
  • Fuels innovation – training on the latest methods, technology, and best practices empowers your staff to challenge old ways of thinking and uncover solutions.
  • Reduces costs related to turnover and loss of knowledge – an investment in corporate training reduces the need for expensive external hires while retaining institutional knowledge.

It takes world-class corporate training consultants to maximize these benefits. TrainSmart has the expertise and experience to take your workforce to the next level.

The TrainSmart Approach to Corporate Training and Development

First, we get to know your organization inside and out. Our consulting process starts with understanding your business goals, culture, structure, processes, and challenges.

Next, we conduct a thorough skills assessment and training needs analysis across your workforce. We identify current strengths, gaps, and priorities.

With a clear view of where your organization needs to go and the training required to get there, we design a strategic plan aligned with your needs. This plan outlines the best mix of solutions like:

We develop each element of the training program with your learners, situations, and objectives in mind. The result is highly relevant training crafted specifically for your organization.

Our learning and development consultants then work closely with your team to roll out the program on time and budget. We handle all planning, instruction, facilitation, coaching, and administration. For added flexibility, trainers can come to your location or training can happen at our world-class facilities.

Along the way, we continually track results so you can see the impact – whether it’s increased sales, better customer retention, or higher engagement scores. We also adjust programs based on feedback so your people get the most out of the experience.

Expertise in designing and delivering engaging, Effective Corporate Training

What sets TrainSmart apart is our team’s passion for the training profession along with decades of real-world experience. Our corporate training consultants know what works and how adults learn best.

Key capabilities and experience our consultants provide:

  • Advanced instructional design skills – our designers make training highly interactive and impactful. Learners retain more thanks to strategies like gamification, storytelling, and role-playing.
  • Knowledge of the latest techniques – we continuously research and implement new methods and technology like microlearning, adaptive learning, AR/VR, and artificial intelligence.
  • Expert facilitators – our engaging coaches and trainers know how to motivate learners and deliver complex information effectively. They bring real-life experience.
  • End-to-end program management – we oversee your entire training initiative seamlessly so you get the results you want, on time and on budget.
  • Vertical expertise – our people understand the context, challenges, and best practices within your industry to make training targeted and practical.
  • LMS expertise – we help you select, implement, customize, and fully utilize a learning management system aligned to your needs and work culture.
  • Ongoing support – even after a program rolls out, we provide reinforcement tools, coaching, and check-ins to ensure training sticks.

A True Training and Development Partner

TrainSmart becomes an extension of your team. Our corporate training consultants get to know your organization and act in your best interests.

We won’t waste your time and budget on off-the-shelf programs that don’t align. Instead, we’ll provide ongoing, candid recommendations based on what we discover about your culture and objectives.

This partnership approach ensures your corporate training drives real business results and impact.

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