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Software Trainer in Chicago, IL

TrainSMART’s Chicago-based has over 20 years specializing in computer software training and an additional 15 years in training, sales and sales training. As Director for a computer software training company, she was responsible for sales, courseware development, skills assessment programs, classroom training and running the day-to-day operations of the organization.

She has a strong and dynamic presence in the classroom but encourages a relaxed and open environment for asking questions.  Her extensive consulting work with databases, website development, and project management give her a comprehensive understanding of how to assist businesses with implementing technology effectively. Her facilitation style and strong technical background allow her to impart real-world knowledge to the classroom training experience.

Key Competencies

Training, Consulting, and Development:

  • Project Management
  • Database Design
  • Courseware Development

Project Management – creating, managing and tracking in the project files national and international (software/hardware upgrade rollouts, commercial construction, and corporate relocation)

Documentation Development and Technical Writing

  • Step by step
  • Practice labs
  • Instructional Design
  • Project Management (training & software development)
  • Training Program Development (technology & courseware   solutions, skills assessment)
  • Forecast models in Excel
  • Sales Training
  • Train-the-Trainer facilitator
  • Document Use Case for each event/response in the desired format
  • Step by step handling of each user scenario
  • Migration of Microsoft Office Products

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