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Corporate Trainer In Chicago

Our corporate trainer has 40 years of experience in the field of training and development and adult education in academia, government, and business. He has worked in a variety of industries including utilities, financial services, high-tech manufacturing, food service distribution, transportation, higher education, law enforcement, and non-profit organizations.

Having done all facets of training and development, he has a broad perspective of the whole training and learning process; particularly how each element interacts with and impacts all the others. He brings this broad perspective of learning systems and an in-depth understanding of organizational dynamics to bear in identifying and implementing custom solutions for human capital development. His professional passion includes seeking ways to more effectively integrate learning into the workplace and place the responsibility for learning on the individual. He has a doctorate in adult education from Boston University.

Learning & Development

  • Curriculum planning
  • Performance analysis
  • Design and development
  • Evaluation
  • Instruction
  • Training management and administration
  • Workplace learning
  • On-the-Job learning
  • Self-directed learning

Performance Solutions

  • Aligning training and learning programs with the culture of the organization
  • Integrating training into the workplace
  • Ensuring the transfer of learning to the job
  • Enabling individuals to assume responsibility for their own learning
  • Integrating individual learning and knowledge management efforts
  • Aligning training and development to the business goals of an organization

Core Strengths

Visionary Leadership Skills, Focus on Practical Solutions,  Strategic Thinker, Robust Technology Skills, Professional, Exceptional Communication and Interpersonal skills, Dynamic Presenter, Strong Facilitator, and High Integrity

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