Are you ready to take your presentations to the next level? Join us for our workshop on Designing Effective Presentations using PowerPoint. This workshop is your gateway to creating visually stunning presentations that captivate your audience.

Throughout this workshop, you will learn how to harness the full potential of PowerPoint to design presentations that are not only visually appealing but also highly effective in conveying your message. By the end of the workshop, you will have the skills and confidence to design presentations more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Our immersive workshop will cover a range of advanced PowerPoint techniques, including the use of animations, vanishing bullet points, graphs, and more. You will have the opportunity to practice these new skills and apply them to redesigning your own PowerPoint deck, ensuring that you leave the workshop with tangible improvements to your presentation.

Target Audience

Business professionals who regularly create and deliver presentations as part of their job. This could include managers, executives, sales professionals, marketers, consultants, and anyone else who needs to effectively communicate information to colleagues, clients, or stakeholders. The workshop would be beneficial for individuals looking to enhance their presentation skills, improve their ability to communicate ideas visually and create presentations that have a greater impact on their audience.

The Challenges

  • Presentations may fail to convey messages clearly, leading to misunderstandings.
  • Lacking visual appeal, presentations may be less persuasive or memorable.
  • Without slide structuring skills, presenters may struggle to organize content coherently.
  • Presentations may lack interactive elements failing to captivate the audience.
  • Inadequate PowerPoint skills can make creating presentations inefficient and time-consuming.
  • Individuals may feel nervous presenting due to a lack of confidence in their slides.

Our Solution

To Learn to: 

  • Recognize the essentials of good PowerPoint design.
  • Produce compelling, engaging, and dynamic visuals that enhance presentation.
  • Improve visuals with animation and transitions.
  • Save time with master templates.
  • Identify best practices for professional interaction between the screen, the computer, and the projection unit.
  • Create charts and graphs that provide impact.

Mastering PowerPoint can save time and effort, as efficient slide design can streamline the presentation creation process. Overall, developing PowerPoint skills can significantly improve one’s ability to deliver compelling and memorable presentations.

Course Outline


  • Evaluate current presentation design knowledge.
  • Identify areas for improvement.

Time-Saving Techniques:

  • Utilize PowerPoint Designer.
  • Apply design-appeal checklist.
  • Locate and use Master templates effectively.

Bullet Point Mastery:

  • Annotate effectively.
  • Implement bullet point fading to avoid clutter.

Diagram Creation:

  • Insert and rotate shapes.
  • Align and layer shapes.
  • Build diagrams using advanced shape techniques.

Quality Visuals:

  • Identify key characteristics.
  • Practice redesigning your visuals for improved impact.

Chart and Graph Tips:

  • Learn best practices for creating and presenting data visually.

Presentation Showcase:

  • Apply professional presentation techniques.
  • Receive feedback on your presentation design from peers and facilitators.

Embark on this transformative journey to enhance your presentation skills using PowerPoint design, ensuring your message resonates with your audience long after your presentation ends.

More Workshop Information

  • Class Length: 6+ hours
  • Prerequisites: Basic Presentation and PowerPoint Skills
  • Pre-work: Bring a 10-slide sample of a previously used presentation and your computer for using PowerPoint.
  • Assessment: In-class personal assessment.
  • Offered in VilT and in Person