Designing Effective Presentations is your opportunity to transform your presentation approach. By the end of this workshop, you’ll possess the skills to design presentations that not only convey information but also captivate and resonate with your audience. Join us on this journey to become a master designer of compelling presentations. In this immersive experience, you will explore advanced presentation design techniques using a case study. The content you design will be new content for you. Learn to craft a presentation tailored to your typical audience, ensuring your newfound skills are immediately applied. It’s time to become a master designer of compelling presentations that leave a lasting impression.

Target Audience:

Individuals who understand the pivotal role of compelling presentations in shaping business success. This includes professionals from diverse backgrounds such as managers, sales and marketing experts, project managers, and subject matter specialists. If you are driven to elevate your communication prowess through the art of designing impactful presentations, then this workshop is tailored specifically for you.

The Challenges:

  • May have limited knowledge of stakeholder preferences.
  • Difficulty translating complex ideas into visually appealing slides.
  • Lack of knowledge of design principles.
  • Presentations that appear cluttered fail to engage the audience.
  • Spending excessive time designing mediocre slides.
  • Difficulty in maintaining consistency throughout the presentation.
  • Inability to prioritize information or to emphasize key points effectively.

Our Solution:

To Learn to:

  • Design using fundamental principles of design.
  • Analyze your stakeholder’s preferences and interests and create slides that will appeal.
  • Gain insights into your stakeholders so you can tailor your messages.
  • Apply the design principles to a unique case utilizing a hands-on approach.
  • Give and receive feedback on the designs created.

By incorporating these components into our solution, we can equip participants with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to overcome the challenges of designing effective presentations and creating impactful communication materials that resonate with their audience.

Class Length: 6+ hours
Prerequisites: Basic Presentation Skills
Pre-work: Bring your computer to use PowerPoint to design a presentation for a case study.
Assessment: In-class personal assessment.
Offered in VilT and in Person

Course Outline:

  • Self-Assessment: kick off by evaluating your current presentation design skills and knowledge. Identify your areas for improvement.
  • Case study Exploration: Engage with a unique case study, the foundation for your upcoming presentation design challenge.
  • Understanding Stakeholders: 
    • Dive into stakeholder analysis and understand your stakeholder’s concerns.
    • Complete a stakeholder persona map with hands-on practice.
  • Crafting a Purpose Statement:
    • Develop a clear purpose statement for your presentation.
    • Unleash your creativity with mind-mapping techniques to brainstorm relevant concepts for your purpose.
  • Structuring Content: Utilize your mind map to organize your presentation effectively, ensuring a captivating beginning, middle, and impactful end.
  • Design Document Creation: Harness the power of a design document to outline your presentation structure and allocate time effectively.
  • Material Design: 
    • Learn essential slide design principles.
    • Master the creation of 4 types of graphs for presentations.
    • Apply your skills to design slides tailored to the case study.
  • Presentation Showcase: Finally, showcase your meticulously crafted presentation design and receive valuable feedback from peers and facilitators.

Embark on this journey to evaluate your presentation prowess and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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