Command Attention, Inspire Action: Lead High-Stakes Presentations To Leaders with Confidence

In today’s dynamic business environment, the ability to effectively communicate and present ideas to leadership is a critical skill that directly influences your professional success and the success of your organization. Your ability to make concise, compelling presentations as subject matter experts is a strategic necessity.  Presenting to leaders comes with challenges. It often involves high-stakes situations, requires tailoring presentations to resonate with complex leadership teams, and demands a deep understanding of topics and concise delivery.

Our presenting to leaders workshop equips participants with tools to meet these challenges, ensuring they can capture leaders’ attention and convey messages effectively. 

Target Audience

The target audience comprises mid-level managers, team leaders, subject matter experts, sales and marketing professionals, and project managers to name a few. If you are responsible for delivering presentations, proposals, or reports to senior executives, top management, or board members.

Whether providing updates, pitching products, presenting project plans, or seeking investment, this workshop is the right workshop for you.  

The Challenges

  • High stakes presenting situations with significant impact. 
  • Tailoring presentations for complex leadership teams and multiple stakeholders.  
  • Demonstrating deep understanding and providing insightful analysis. 
  • Navigating probing questions on the spot. 
  • Engaging leaders through storytelling, visuals, and interactive elements. 

Our Solution

To Learn to: 

  • Articulate the benefits of presenting to leaders to build your confidence. 
  • Assess your presentation skills before and following a presentation. 
  • Gain insights into your stakeholders so you can tailor your messages.
  • Establish your credibility quickly to build trust. 
  • Utilize 6 influence strategies to make leaders more receptive to your ideas. 
  • Structure your presentation for maximum impact even in a short amount of time. 
  • Present with confidence through practice.  

Overall our solution offers a holistic approach to addressing the challenges of presenting to leaders, empowering participants to drive results and inspire action. 

Class Length: 6+ hours
Prerequisites: Basic Presentation Experience
Pre-work: Come prepared with 5-10 minutes of PowerPoint content you commonly present.
Assessment: In-class personal assessment.
Offered in VilT and in Person

Course Outline:

  • Explore Benefits: Discover the personal and organizational advantages of effective leadership presentations. 
  • Self-Assessment: Evaluate your presentation skills to identify strengths and areas for improvement. 
  • Stakeholder Understanding: Gain insight into understanding your stakeholders.
    • Master the art of tailoring your messages. 
    • Resonate with diverse audiences.
    • Establish credibility with your stakeholders. 
    • Employ influence techniques including storytelling. 
  • Structure your Presentations: Organize your presentation for maximum impact.
    • Design a compelling opening for your presentation. 
    • Include 3 Key points in each presentation.
    • Learn to handle questions and think on your feet.
    • Close your presentation with a “call to action”!  
  • Practical Application: Engage in practical exercises to hone your presentation skills. 

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