Goodbye Talent Turnover

Class Length Keynote, 1-2 days depending on expected outcomes Prerequisites None


Turnover is expensive. Replacing an employee can cost up to 50-75% of their annual salary and research says it can take up to 52 days to hire a replacement. That’s just the hard numbers. What are the “soft costs” of high turnover? How stressful is

it for you as a manager to have constant gaps while trying to
fill a schedule? How often are you putting out “fires” due to new untrained staff? Did you know that the research says that an estimated 75% of “voluntary turnover” is influenced by a manager’s behavior? It may not be the case with your team, but it is worth knowing the research. This program is designed to help you “Say Good Bye to Talent Turnover.”

Target Audience

You are responsible for people management. You are responsible for institutionalizing retention best practices. You are involved in the coaching process.

The Challenge

  • You are experiencing talent turnover.
  • Exit interviews reveal that employees get very little coaching or positive feedback.
    Our Solution
    To Learn to:
  • Develop a strategy to deliver positive feedback
  • Deliver On-Target coaching
  • Implement the “stay interview coaching model”
  • Institutionalizing the interview
  • Tools for getting started
  • Practice Using fun interactive activities

Course Outline

  • Experience and Explain the cost of high employee turnover
  • Demonstrate 3 steps for giving positive feedback
  • Practice a 4 step method for conducting “stay interviews”
  • Brainstorm ways to institutionalize retention best practices

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