Influence is defined as a leader’s ability to motivate others to change their behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes toward achieving unified goals.

Whether we are leading, following, or collaborating while bidding for resources or working on projects we often find ourselves needing something from someone we don’t manage.

Influencing others and bargaining for what is needed are essential components of the professional woman’s tool bag. Influence tactics are one of the most common ways to measure a leader’s effectiveness.

Since the research done on the topic of Gender Differences in Influence suggests that the differences are due more to influence tactics used versus gender, we will discuss and practice various Influence tactics and strategies to increase your effectiveness as a leader.

The Problem

Many women leaders struggle with building greater buy-in for their ideas whether it is to:

  • Rally support in difficult situations
  • Gain recognition
  • Break down barriers toward upward communication

Our Solution

  • Avoid the common mistakes woman make while influencing
  • Learn about five unique influencing styles and differentiate between “push and pull” and “soft and hard” influence tactics

Course Outline

  • Define Influence
    • Explore the research about gender nationality, and age choices made when it comes to using various influence tactics
    • Identify the common mistakes woman make while influencing
    • List the five unique influencing styles
  • Analyze Your Personal Influence Style Assessment
    • Examine what your chosen influence style looks like to others
    • Determine best opportunities to use your style to address a variety of situations
  • Develop New Influence Habits
    • Summarize the value of each style and the most appropriate situation to use or not use each style
    • Apply influence tactics to real-world cases
  • Practice Influence Skills
    • Overcome the five barriers to develop bolder confidence
    • Create your 30 second “promotion pitch”
    • Practice four steps to become more persuasive

Target Audience

Women who are “Professional Leaders,” whether you are a consultant, entrepreneur, corporate, or independent professional looking for additional guidance or if you want to be the leader of your own life no matter who you are or what you do then this program will give you the strategies and confidence you need to “influence with boldness”

Delivery Options

Influencing: Inspiring Yourself and Others is available in the following delivery formats: Half-Day Training Workshop, Full Day Training Workshop

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