Experts are constantly looking for a rational explanation of why gender inequalities still exist in business. Depending on the study du jour , some of the current explanations include women’s inability to negotiate, women’s lack of confidence, and women’s unwillingness to compromise their ethical values for career success.

What if there isn’t a rational explanation? What if a major cause has to do with implicit biases which result in discriminatory behavior?

Instead of focusing on acting “more like a man” – a strategy that has not worked in the past 30 years – we have a different solution. The key to moving up in your career is to get to the root cause of what is blocking your career. It starts with implicit biases.

The Problem

  • These unconscious biases play a huge role in decision making

Our Solution

  • Assess our own implicit biases surrounding gender
  • Recognize how implicit biases are hindering our careers
  • Transform unconscious biases to conscious ones
  • Develop strategies to change behaviors based on implicit biases

Course Outline

Pre-work: Harvard Implicit Gender Bias Assessment


  • Introduction and assessment discussion
  • What does your assessment reveal about your own bias

Classroom Training:

  • Define Implicit Biases — The Numbers Don’t Lie:
    • Examine a statistical journey women in leadership have taken in the past 50 years
    • Review media and cultural stereotypes for women in leadership
    • Compare the percentage of women in key fields 50 years ago and now: business, tech, medicine, law, and politics including salary changes in fields
    • Parallel career trajectories of women and men in the same fields
  • Break Implicit Bias Habit:
    • Recognize your “adaptive unconscious” through introspection
    • Practice three steps to observe and change your bias behaviors
  • Overcome Boldness Barriers and Build Confidence:
    • Annul self-defeating beliefs
    • Apologize for mistakes, but not for who you are
    • Anticipate and prepare for setbacks
    • Annihilate arrogance
  • Communicate Boldly:
    • Use a framework to plan what you will say even “on the run”
    • Prepare for bold communication in meetings
    • Be engaging — ask questions and listen

Target Audience

Women who are either stepping into a leadership role or are currently taking on a challenging leadership assignment.

Delivery Options

Make Bold Choices as Women Leaders is available in the following formats: Half-Day Training Workshop, Full Day Training Workshop

Women In Leadership Workshops

Adaptability, Confidence, Influence

Influencing: Inspire Yourself and Others

Empower women leaders to rally support, gain recognition, and communicate ideas persuasively by mastering influence strategies and overcoming barriers through our interactive workshop teaching how to align influencing style with situation and audience.

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Make Bold Choices As Women Leaders

Shift from acting “more like men” to addressing root causes by assessing personal implicit gender biases, recognizing systemic barriers, and boldly communicating with confidence through our interactive workshop arming women leaders with strategies to overcome unconscious bias behaviors impeding careers.

Overcoming Bias In Women Leaders