Personal leadership is the leadership of the self. Today’s women have opportunity and choice. With that choice also comes the pressure to “Do it all!” With choice comes the pressure to make the “right” choices. Therein is the challenge.

Personal leadership means you are willing to look at situations as a “moment of choice” where you choose to reach higher, reflect on being your best, and discern the most effective way to proceed.

In order to optimize those “moments of choice” you must first find your inner compass. That compass is discovered through exploring your beliefs, values, experiences, strengths, and level of emotional intelligence. It is only after that exploration that you will begin the work of designing a vision or direction for your leadership and life.

The Problem

  • Women set unrealistic expectations for themselves

Our Solution

  • Discover your “strength role” that applies to your personal and professional life

Course Outline

  • Pre-work: Online assessment
  • Define Personal Leadership:
    • List the five areas of self-reflection
    • Identify the four steps necessary for creating and living a Personal Leadership vision daily
  • Self-Reflection:
    • Examine the personal, professional, and cultural gender beliefs that may be impacting you
    • Analyze significant life experiences and reflect on lessons learned
    • Clarify and prioritize your values
  • Create a Personal Leadership Vision to Live By
    • Describe the five step process to turning Personal Leadership possibilities into reality
    • Use the four Ps for Personal Leadership vision writing

Target Audience

Women who are stepping into a leadership role; women who need inner guidance during times of uncertainty or change

Delivery Options

Embrace the Life You Want: Develop the Leader Within is available in the following formats: Half-Day Training Workshop, Full Day Training Workshop

Women In Leadership Workshops

Adaptability, Confidence, Influence

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Influencing Skills For Women Leaders

Clarity, Empowerment, Resilience

Embrace the Life You Want: Develop the Leader Within

Discover your inner compass and design a personal leadership vision to optimize “moments of choice” through self-reflection, values clarification, and vision writing in our empowering workshop teaching women to set realistic expectations and lead authentically.

Personal Leadership For Women

Awareness, Tactics, Empowerment

Smart Moves For Speaking Out

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Leadership Communication Skills For Womens

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Make Bold Choices As Women Leaders

Shift from acting “more like men” to addressing root causes by assessing personal implicit gender biases, recognizing systemic barriers, and boldly communicating with confidence through our interactive workshop arming women leaders with strategies to overcome unconscious bias behaviors impeding careers.

Overcoming Bias In Women Leaders