It’s not news that women and men communicate differently. What is news is that there are unconscious, implicit biases that interpret women’s communication style as lacking leadership ability. Which means even men and women who think of themselves as open to women leaders, have negative reactions when women communicate.

Women need to learn a new language: Male Leadership Speak.

The Problem

  • Women and men are unaware of their implicit biases which undermine women’s leadership effectiveness

Our Solution

  • Assess our own communication style and provide tools to assess others
  • Identify 10 key communication approaches that can boost their leadership perception
  • Practice leadership communication

Target Audience

Women who are “Professional Leaders;” women who are at the beginning of their leadership journey

Delivery Options

Smart Moves For Speaking Out is available in the following formats: Half-Day Training Workshop, Full Day Training Workshop

Women In Leadership Workshops

Adaptability, Confidence, Influence

Influencing: Inspire Yourself and Others

Empower women leaders to rally support, gain recognition, and communicate ideas persuasively by mastering influence strategies and overcoming barriers through our interactive workshop teaching how to align influencing style with situation and audience.

Influencing Skills For Women Leaders

Clarity, Empowerment, Resilience

Embrace the Life You Want: Develop the Leader Within

Discover your inner compass and design a personal leadership vision to optimize “moments of choice” through self-reflection, values clarification, and vision writing in our empowering workshop teaching women to set realistic expectations and lead authentically.

Personal Leadership For Women

Awareness, Tactics, Empowerment

Smart Moves For Speaking Out

Bridge the gender communication gap and boost leadership perception by decoding biased reactions, assessing personal style, and mastering influential language through our interactive women’s leadership communication workshop.

Leadership Communication Skills For Womens

Awareness, Empowerment, Influence

Make Bold Choices As Women Leaders

Shift from acting “more like men” to addressing root causes by assessing personal implicit gender biases, recognizing systemic barriers, and boldly communicating with confidence through our interactive workshop arming women leaders with strategies to overcome unconscious bias behaviors impeding careers.

Overcoming Bias In Women Leaders