Level Up Your Customer Service Skills

In today’s experience economy, customer service can make or break a business. Yet few companies invest adequately in developing the critical skills frontline employees need to deliver exceptional service.

TrainSMART offers an immersive customer service skills training program to equip your team with the competencies, mindsets, and confidence to wow customers every time.

Why Customer Service Skills Training Matters

Without proper training, many organizations struggle with:

  • Poor first impressions and negative experiences
  • Issues escalating due to lack of employee problem-solving skills
  • Slow, disorganized service
  • Discouraged employees with lackadaisical attitudes
  • Declining customer satisfaction and retention
  • Missed opportunities to drive revenue and referrals

Exceptional customer service doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a culture and workforce focused on exceeding expectations through top-notch skills.

The TrainSMART Approach

TrainSMART’s customer service skills training workshop takes an engaging, hands-on approach tailored to your organization’s needs.

Through interactive sessions, your team will master core competencies like:

  • Communication – Active listening, questioning skills, explaining clearly, adjusting to different personalities, using positive tone and body language
  • Phone skills – Answering professionally, speaking warmly, message taking, smooth call transfers, polite closings
  • Email etiquette – Structuring messages clearly, writing concisely yet personally, proofreading before sending, proper greetings/sign-offs
  • Difficult situations – Staying calm under pressure, diffusing anger, solving problems (not making excuses), transforming dissatisfied clients into raving fans
  • Exceeding expectations – Going above and beyond with personal touches, following up diligently, creating customer delight through consistent surprises
  • Developing a customer-centric culture – Ensuring every touchpoint focuses on amazing service

Real-world roleplays help participants practice these skills and build confidence. Immersive simulations are proven to drive skill uptake and behavior change better than lectures or passive training.

Customized Workshops

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to training. Our experts will consult with you to tailor the sessions to your organization’s specific needs and service philosophy.

The workshop can be delivered on-site at your location or through interactive virtual classes. Both options provide an engaging, personalized experience with hands-on coaching.

Proven Return on Investment

Organizations worldwide have achieved remarkable results through TrainSMART’s customer service skills training. Plus, trained staff members are happier, less stressed, and more engaged at work.

Customer Service Skills Training Outline


  • Overview of workshop objectives
  • Defining good customer service
  • The impact of customer service on business success

Communicating Effectively

  • Active listening techniques
  • Asking probing questions
  • Explaining things clearly
  • Adjusting communication style to customer personality
  • Non-verbal communication skills

Phone Etiquette

  • Answering calls professionally
  • Sounding friendly on the phone
  • Taking messages and transferring calls
  • Ending calls politely

Email Etiquette

  • Structuring emails clearly
  • Writing concise, professional emails
  • Proofreading before sending
  • Using proper greetings and sign-offs

Managing Difficult Situations

  • Staying calm under pressure
  • De-escalating angry customers
  • Handling complaints effectively
  • Offering solutions, not excuses

Exceeding Expectations

  • Going above and beyond
  • Adding personal touches
  • Following-up and following-through
  • Creating customer delight


  • Practicing phone conversations
  • Responding to email inquiries
  • Diffusing tense situations
  • Delivering excellent service

Action Planning

  • Identifying improvement areas
  • Setting customer service goals
  • Creating individual development plans

Group Training
Delivery Options

CustomerSMART is fully customizable to your company culture and is available in the following formats:

  • Conference Breakout Session Or Lunch Program
  • Half-Day Training Workshop
  • Full-Day Training Workshop
  • Webinar
  • Multi-Session Webinar
  • Live Virtual Instructor-led Classroom Training

Target Audience

All employees who have direct interaction with customers:

  • Managers
  • Sales representatives
  • Customer service representatives
  • Receptionists
  • Technical support
  • Billing and collection specialists

Virtual Instructor-Led
Customer Service Essentials Workshop

Session Length: 30-minute pre-session 2 to 4 (90) minutes sessions

By the time a consumer reaches a live customer service rep, their patience has often been tested. Between longer wait times because of COVID or the requirement to talk to a computer before gaining access to a live customer service rep, consumers often greet customer service reps with a less than delightful attitude. In this session, we’ll focus on the customer service skills that you need to succeed in this ever-evolving consumer environment.


Virtual Customer Service Training



Ready to develop 5-star customer service skills? Schedule a 30-minute call, so we can learn more about each other and determine if we are a good fit. This is a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you. Call us at 800-807-8030 or fill out the form.

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    Diverse service staff collaborating on customer service framework. Customer service skills training develops competencies in communication, phone skills, email etiquette, problem-solving, and exceeding expectations to create delightful customer experiences.

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    Equip your team to deliver exceptional service and transform dissatisfied clients into raving fans through TrainSMART’s immersive, tailored customer service skills workshops featuring real-world roleplays and coaching.

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    Exceptional Healthcare Customer Service Starts with Training In the post-pandemic era, patient expectations for customer service are higher than ever. Healthcare organizations that don’t meet these demands risk damaging their reputations and losing patients. That’s why comprehensive customer service training for healthcare professionals is more crucial now than ever before. Our healthcare customer service training programs are uniquely designed to address the complex customer service challenges in the healthcare industry today. We understand the nuances of serving patients amid provider shortages, insurance complexities, and evolving regulations. With our healthcare customer service training, your staff will master communication techniques that defuse frustrated patients and enhance satisfaction. Learners build empathy and emotional intelligence to care for patients compassionately, especially during stressful health situations. Training delivery options ranging from onsite workshops to virtual sessions accommodate all healthcare workplace needs. Our experienced instructors draw from deep healthcare industry expertise to engage learners and impact performance. Invest in your healthcare professionals with our transformative customer service training programs tailored to the healthcare setting. We will equip your staff to handle any customer service challenge while delivering patient experiences that strengthen your reputation and patient loyalty. Customer Service Training For Healthcare Professionals Course Outline I. Introduction Welcome and introduction to the workshop Objectives of the workshop Icebreaker activity to engage the participants II. Understanding Customer Service in Healthcare Overview of customer service in Healthcare in a post-Covid Era Importance of customer service in healthcare Key customer service skills needed in healthcare III. Communication Skills for Effective Customer Service Verbal and non-verbal communication skills Active listening skills Empathy and compassion in communication IV. Managing Difficult Situations in Healthcare Customer Service The everyday difficult situation in healthcare customer service Strategies for de-escalating situations and managing emotions Role-playing exercises to practice handling difficult situations

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