Boost Team Decision-Making with Problem-Solving Training

Do your employees struggle to understand the root causes when problems arise? Does your team lack a structured approach to generating innovative solutions? TrainSMART offers customized Problem-Solving Skills Training to equip your team with a proven methodology to make confident decisions and tackle workplace challenges head-on.

Your team will learn how to solve problems effectively in the workplace, generate new and innovative ideas, select functional solutions, gain support and input from others, and implement successful solutions. Problem-solving is a critical skill for any employee, and this training will give you the tools you need to be successful.

Note: A real work problem will be analyzed during the workshop.

TrainSMART’s Problem-Solving Skills Training Workshop is available in the following formats: Full-Day Training Workshop, Live Online Instructor-led Training.

The Problem

Many teams lack fundamental problem-solving skills, leading to:

  • Applying quick fixes without understanding the root causes
  • Failure to map out an end-to-end plan to solve issues
  • Lack of creativity in solution-finding

TrainSMART Solution

TrainSMART provides interactive workshops, sharing techniques to:

  • Identify root causes through structured analysis
  • Brainstorm innovative solutions without judgment
  • Evaluate ideas based on feasibility and impact
  • Gain alignment on the optimal plan moving forward

Problem-Solving Training For Employees Course Outline

Problem-Solving Fundamentals

This section defines problem-solving and explains why it matters, including reviewing its key benefits for innovation and results. It then covers common myths, like the belief that complex solutions are always needed, before discussing critical thinking techniques required for effective problem-solving. Finally, it introduces the 7-step framework used throughout the course.

Defining the Problem

This section defines a problem through effective questioning to gather comprehensive information while identifying limitations and unknowns. It reviews quantifying issues with hard data analytically and articulates a precise problem statement that quantifies the gap between the current and desired state.

Analyzing Root Causes

This section explains various root cause analysis techniques, such as the 5 Whys, fishbone diagramming, and brainstorming, before covering how to drill down by continually asking why at each level of a problem. It includes guidance on mapping major influence factors using fishbone diagrams and Pareto analysis to quantify a few vital root causes versus trivial ones.

Generating Potential Solutions

This section reviews creating potential solutions with tangible action steps and responsibilities assigned. It discusses techniques for developing minimum viable solutions for rapid testing and iteration. Additionally, it covers principles like design thinking, group ideation techniques, and brainstorming best practices.

Evaluating Options

This section guides defining solution selection criteria, running grid analysis to weigh pros and cons using matrices, assessing impact versus effort tradeoffs, and using prioritization matrices to rank solutions.

Solution Implementation Planning

This section shows how to detail tasks, assign roles and responsibilities, complete resource planning for budget and equipment needs, and conduct risk analysis with contingency planning for the highest potential solutions.

Tracking & Reassessment

Finally, this section focuses on defining key performance indicators to track solution effectiveness and techniques for continuous improvement, including circling back to re-diagnose and enhance solutions over time.

Target Audience

Need problem-solving skills training for employees and managers? Anyone that is responsible for problem-solving and making recommendations for the best solution and action plan

Need On-Site Or Live Online Training?

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