This program leverages not one, but two state-of-the-art creative problem-solving approaches to accelerate innovation within your organization. FourSight® outlines the stage of a universal creative process to stimulate new and novel thinking. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® utilizes the power of 3D models, thinking with your hands, and impactful storytelling. When used together, these methodologies yield new high-potential ideas that can be crafted into innovative business solutions. Each in-person or virtual engagement is bespoke because it addresses your specific challenges and opportunities.

Target Audience:

Executive teams, Divisional leadership, and team leaders.

The Problem:

Strategic planning happens annually. A recent McKinsey Global Innovation Survey discovered that 84% of executives agree that innovation is essential for their business strategy. Yet, very few leaders (6%) are satisfied with their organization’s innovation performance. Most leaders are unclear as to where their innovation efforts are falling short.

Our Solution:

To Learn to… 

  • Identify the new strategic vision
  • Craft an effective business challenge statement
  • Apply tools that stretch the realm of what’s possible
  • Explore new ideas and build on the ideas of others
  • Evaluate various high-potential solutions and identify any blind spots
  • Refine ideas in well-rounded solutions
  • Develop a plan of action to test the real-world potential of the solution

Course Outline:

Work Session 1

  • Overview of the series of sessions
  • Clarification of the desired future state
  • Finalize the challenge statement that innovative thinking must address

Work Session 2

  • Divergent Brainstorming – seeking new ideas (3 rounds of brainstorming)
  • Converging upon high-potential ideas that have both a high impact and the likelihood of succeeding

Work Session 3

  • Evaluating draft solutions for their immediate impact and potential for additional opportunities in the future
  • Refine solutions and gauge resources needed to implement

Work Session 4

  • Create a plan of action and measures of success
  • Clarify roles and accountability
  • Determine crucial pivot or preserve timing
  • Work Session 5 (Optional)
  • Celebrate the work of the team
  • Update the impact of the solution