Session Length Options: Variable depending upon the challenge and number of participants


This program leverages not one, but two state-of-the-art creative problem-solving approaches to accelerate innovation within your organization. FourSight® outlines the stage of a universal creative process to stimulate new and novel thinking. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® utilizes the power of 3D models, thinking with your hands, and impactful storytelling. When used together, these methodologies yield new high-potential ideas that can be crafted into innovative business solutions. Each in-person or virtual engagement is bespoke because it addresses your specific challenges and opportunities.

Target Audience:

Executive teams, Divisional leadership, and team leaders.

The Problem:

Strategic planning happens annually. A recent McKinsey Global Innovation Survey discovered that 84% of executives agree that innovation is essential for their business strategy. Yet, very few leaders (6%) are satisfied with their organization’s innovation performance. Most leaders are unclear as to where their innovation efforts are falling short.

Our Solution:

To Learn to… 

    Identify the new strategic vision

    Craft an effective business challenge statement

    Apply tools that stretch the realm of what’s possible

    Explore new ideas and build on the ideas of others

    Evaluate various high-potential solutions, and identify any blind spots

    Refine ideas in well-rounded solutions

    Develop a plan of action to test the real-world potential of the solution

Course Outline:

Work Session 1

    Overview of the series of sessions

    Clarification of the desired future state

    Finalize the challenge statement that innovative thinking must address

Work Session 2

    Divergent Brainstorming – seeking new ideas (3 rounds of brainstorming)

    Converging upon high-potential ideas that have both a high impact and the likelihood of succeeding

Work Session 3

    Evaluating draft solutions for their immediate impact and potential for additional opportunities in the future

•    Refine solutions and gauge resources needed to implement

Work Session 4

    Create a plan of action and measures of success

    Clarify roles and accountability

    Determine crucial pivot or preserve timing

Work Session 5 (Optional)

    Celebrate the work of the team

    Update the impact of the solution