Discoveries in neuroscience are providing insights into how individuals and organizations can be more innovative. This workshop highlights several of these discoveries and then provides tactics, models, and methodologies that put these insights to work. During the course, participants will have the opportunity to work on a provided case as well as their innovation challenges.

Target Audience

Leaders, managers, and individual contributors who want to foster innovation in their organizations.

The Challenge

  • Many tactics that are assumed to lead to greater innovation may be getting in the way
  • There is often confusion between innovation that is an extension of current products and services and innovation that is truly new

Our Solution

To Learn to. . .

  • Understand and identify the type of innovation desired for specific circumstances and tactics that are helpful for each
  • Generate and recognize insights—the heart of innovation
  • Understand your brain and how you can use it to better foster both insights and the means to turn insights into workable innovation.
  • Understand how and why your brain prefers habitual responses that work against innovation
  • Utilize techniques of language and social interaction that foster innovation
  • Discover and redirect your own innovation reference experiences
  • Turn insights into workable solutions

Course Outline

  • Two kinds of innovation: extensions of what exists and the truly new
  • Insight—the heart of innovation
  • New discoveries in brain science and the role of the brain in innovation
  • Why habit can get in the way of innovation and what to do about it
  • Pictures, metaphors, associations: the non-linear natural language of your brain
  • Tactics and language that foster innovation
  • Fostering innovative states of mind in the workplace
  • Anchoring reference experiences: If you’ve been innovative once, you can do it again
  • Robert Dilt’s model of how Walt Disney approached innovation through the Dreamer, the Realist, and the Critic
  • Your social brain and innovation
  • Putting it all to work

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