Change is necessary to remain competitive and successful.  Did you know that the number one reason that organizations are ineffective when a change occurs is due to employee resistance­­­?  Why are employees resistant to change?  Often it is due to poor communication about the benefits, feelings of a change being imposed, fear of the unknown and they are comfortable with their current situation.

Whether your organization is going through a big change like new management or acquisitions or smaller changes in strategy and processes, Making Change Irresistible will help you understand the change process, the emotions involved, manage your own reactions to change as well as others and develop a better way of communicating benefits to transition.

Making Change Irresistible incorporates thoughts and solutions related to change from a variety of sources including Dr. Ken Hultman’s influential book Making Change Irresistible, Dr. William Marsten’s work on behaviors, Daniel Goleman’s work on emotional intelligence, and many other prominent experts.

You first explore the dynamics of change, then move to handle resistance and conflict, followed by an overview of ways to analyze perceptions and handle people (including you) caught in a change, and finish with several case studies for application and reinforcement of the learning.

Making Change Irresistible is available in the following formats: Full-Day Training Workshop

The Problem

  • A company going through an acquisition
  • New Management
  • New business processes and procedures

Our Solution

Participants Will Learn to…

  • Understand how change impacts personal and organizational performance
  • Identify what to do, and what not to do, when facing change
  • Understand the models of adaptation and conflict resolution

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    Strategic Skills Workshops

    Diverse business people collaborating on organizational change. Making Change Irresistible workshop helps companies smoothly facilitate transitions. Participants gain frameworks to assess readiness, motivate adoption, craft targeted messaging, and structure feedback channels.

    Making Change

    Equip your leaders with the psychological strategies and communication tactics to make organizational change irresistible, predictable, and enduring by attending our acclaimed “Making Change Irresistible” workshop.

    Making Change Irresistible

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    Strategic Thinking

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    Strategic Thinking Training

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    Influencing & Leading
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