Bring Strategic Thinking Training To Your Organization

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, thinking strategically is more crucial than ever. Yet many organizations struggle with strategic thinking, confusing it with the annual strategic planning process. Strategic thinking is an ongoing activity that should permeate all levels of an organization daily.

TrainSMART offers a custom-tailored strategic thinking workshop to help develop this critical skill within your company. Our interactive training is designed for anyone involved in business planning and strategy, including senior leaders, managers, and individual contributors.

Through the workshop, participants will:

  • Learn to identify new opportunities by applying competitive analysis and other strategic tools.
  • Recognize the role of creative thinking in building and evaluating strategies.
  • Practice techniques to overcome roadblocks inhibiting your competitive advantage.
  • Explore communicating your strategy effectively to garner support.

The workshop follows a simple framework:

Opening – Welcome, introductions, icebreaker activity

Define Strategic Thinking – Habits of strategic thinkers, benefits to your organization, common roadblocks

Improve Strategic Thinking – Question your opinions, surround yourself with different perspectives, and make time to recharge.

Utilize the 4 Elements of Strategy – Vision, priorities, execution plan, and evaluation criteria.

Communicate Strategy – Keep it simple, tell a compelling story, educate and inspire.

In today’s complex business landscape, strategic thinking is no longer the domain of the C-suite. Developing the strategic thinking skills of your workforce can pay dividends through improved innovation, more thoughtful decision-making, and staying ahead of disruption.

Some of the key benefits of bringing strategic thinking training to your organization include:

  • Faster adaptation to change – With strategic, solid thinking skills, your team will be able to analyze internal and external shifts and adjust strategies accordingly rapidly. This skill is critical for thriving in turbulent times.
  • Brighter resource allocation – Strategic thinkers use systems to optimize where time, money, and attention should be focused to achieve the organization’s vision. This leads to wiser investments.
  • Increased competitiveness – Your team will become more skilled at identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities while mitigating threats. This can lead to gaining an edge over rivals stuck in status quo strategic planning models.
  • Improved collaboration and engagement – Strategic thinking training combines cross-functional perspectives for richer idea generation and buy-in. Your team will feel invested in shaping organizational strategy.
  • More robust critical thinking – Participants will learn techniques to overcome the roadblocks, biases, and assumptions that lead to poor strategic decisions. This results in a more rigorous analysis.
  • Better communication – Strategic thinkers know how to craft compelling narratives and explain the rationale behind strategies to win support across the organization.

Bringing the entire organization into strategic thinking creates an empowering culture of wisdom and imagination. As competitive pressures continue to mount, building your strategic thinking capacity could prove to be a long-term competitive advantage.

Are you looking for strategic thinking skills training for your managers and leaders? TrainSMART can custom-tailor and deliver your workshop in person or virtually.

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