Looking to build an effective team for your organization?

TrainSMART has just the solution for you! Our Managing and Building Effective Teams workshop is designed to help all employees achieve the organization’s goals by working together effectively and efficiently.

We understand that some teams work well while others fall apart. That’s why we define the foundational needs for teams to work effectively and create opportunities for building a team focus. We recognize the group dynamics that are the foundation for improving performance and assess strategy to make decisions.

Our building effective teams training workshop helps identify how the team values recognition, cohesiveness, role clarity, participation, and conflict management, and utilizes creative team development strategies. Whether you are new to a team or department or have been “at it” for a while, our team effectiveness principles are transferable to all work.

Our course outline includes an opening activity, leadership assessment diagnostic, team activity, team development questionnaire, and team development plan (TDP) tool. Our workshop is designed to help participants self-assess their leadership focus in terms of team development based on five leadership team functions.

With our effective team training workshop, you can achieve beyond expectations and develop partnerships and alliances, an essential aspect of effective organizations. Don’t wait any longer to build an effective team!

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The Problem

  • You don’t know how to build an effective team
  • Some teams work together effectively while others fall apart
  • Group dynamics are not assessed before a team is developed
  • Team members have difficulty executing strategy into action

Our Solution

  • Define the foundational needs for teams to work effectively and efficiently
  • Create opportunities for building a team-focus
  • Recognize the group dynamics that are the foundation for improving performance
  • Assess strategy and make decisions
  • Identify how the team values recognition, cohesiveness, role clarity, participation, and conflict management
  • Utilize creative team development strategies

Effective Teams Training Course Outline

  • Opening Activity: Experience as a teacher
  • Leadership Assessment Diagnostic: Inventory tool for the participant to self-assess their leadership focus in terms of team development based on five leadership team functions
  • Why We Need Teams More Than Ever: Seven elements of teams are introduced and ways to improve team effectiveness
  • Team Activity: Run the bases
  • Team Development Questionnaire
  • Team Development Plan (TDP) Tool: An action planning tool

Target Audience

  • Anyone responsible for developing and managing a team

 Delivery Options

Building Successful Teams is available in the following delivery formats: Full Day Training Workshop, Multi-Session Webinar

Team Building Workshops

Virtual Team Management: Remote workers connecting via video conference technology.

Strategic, Tech-Focused, Results Driven

Managing Virtual Teams

Boost collaboration, productivity, and innovation by sending your virtual team leaders and members to our strategic training focused on implementing best practices for communication, relationship building, and results.

Managing Virtual Teams Training

Team Building Workshops: Teams engaged in group activities, building rapport and trust.

Strategic, Cohesive, Empowering

Building Successful Teams

Boost teamwork, collaboration, and results by sending your leaders and team members to our strategic and empowering workshop focused on building shared goals, trust, and effective working relationships.

Building Successful Teams Training

Building Successful Teams Workshop: A diverse team laughing together while completing a team building exercise outdoors.

Insightful, Strategic, Actionable

Developing & Managing Effective Teams

Boost team alignment, collaboration, and performance by leveraging our insightful team assessments and strategic development framework to create targeted action plans tailored to your team’s specific needs.

Managing Effective Teams Training

Team Building 101 Workshop: A new team leader presenting team goals on a whiteboard to engaged employees.

Fundamental, Interactive, Empowering

Team Building For
New Leaders

Boost new team leader success by leveraging our fundamental yet interactive team development training where they will gain the core techniques to expedite team growth, cultivate collaboration, and drive results.

Team Building For New Leaders

Building Teamwork & Commitment Workshop: Small groups sharing ideas while referring back to action plans posted on the walls.

Insightful, Trust-Building, Customized

Building Teamwork & Commitment

Reignite stalled teams by leveraging our insightful DiSC®-based workshop to rebuild trust and commitment with customized delivery focused directly on your team’s specific needs.

Building Teamwork & Commitment

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Workshop: Multi-generational team intently reviewing performance metrics on digital tablets.

Insightful, Customized, Transformational

Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team

Get to the root of team dysfunction and catalyze performance by sending your group to our customizable workshop experience built around the renowned Five Behaviors model.

Five Behaviors Of A Cohesive Team


Need A Virtual Instructor-Led Team Training?

Building Virtual Teams

This virtually facilitated series helps you identify team purpose, maximize strengths, and create a more productive team environment.



Building Virtual Teams

Team Building & Improv In A Covid Era

The highly interactive, fun team-building activity brings Improv to a virtual environment and incorporates activities that incorporate your company’s core values.


Team Building & Improv

Launching High-Performing Teams

This half-day workshop for intact teams allows the group to create a shared understanding of what great teamwork looks like and how each person can add their unique value.


Launching High-Performing Teams

Launching New Teams With Lego Serious Play

This program uses the power of storytelling and making 3-dimensional models to quickly develop psychological safety and trust among team members.


Team Building With Lego Serious Play

MacGyver Team Challenge

Learn how to develop an agile mindset, diverge to seek more wild and novel ideas (Stretching what is possible), and teach tools that help reverse the assumptions we impose on ourselves.


MacGyver Team Challenge

The TrainSmart Solution

TrainSmart can become your full-service training department, delivering solutions to all your on-site training needs. When you partner with us, you gain several advantages, including:

Fully customized content and delivery: We customize our training systems to fit your team, department, and/or your entire organization.

Flexible scheduling: We deliver single sessions or multiple sessions to meet your timeframes, work schedules, and employee needs/expectations.

Reduced overall costs: On-site is typically less expensive than sending employees off-site. In addition, on-site allows us to develop common languages and terms that reduce communication issues when your employees are back on the job.

Immediate on-the-job application: Employees can immediately apply what they have learned.

Confidentiality is not compromised: What happens on-site, stays on-site.

Building cohorts teams: We can build cohorts teams that result in more productive, more efficient relationships.

Cutting-edge technology: We stay on top of all the latest technological developments in the industry, always bringing the most efficient and cost-effective methods into your organization.

Industry-leading experience: Our best-in-the-industry facilitators bring years of extensive experience and expertise to your company.


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