Class Length: 1 – 2 Days
Prerequisites: None
Managing Remote Teams training is available in the following delivery formats: Half-Day Training Workshop, Full Day Training Workshop, Multi-Session Webinar, and Live Virtual Instructor-led Classroom Training

Currently, one of the biggest challenges facing virtual teams is how to successfully work within that team. Teams that are geographically dispersed and primarily meet virtually – via webcast or conference call – present new sets of challenges.

Many team members have difficulty because they can not see what other members are doing. Even the most skilled managers find difficulty in communicating and building a team when there is no physical proximity.

In TrainSMART’s managing virtual teams course, participants will learn practical, easy-to-implement solutions to create a high-performance virtual team. With globalization a reality, this will become an even more common team dynamic.

Mastering the art of working in virtual teams will increase your team’s productivity.

It is even an opportunity to increase the freedom and flexibility of a team that works in the same office!

The Problem

  • Managers are unclear on the key concepts to successfully managing a virtual team
  • Virtual teams are unproductive, with a higher-than-usual turnover rate
  • Friction within the team or between teams
  • Challenges with virtual teams
  • Frequent miscommunication or non-communication between team members causes unnecessary stress and re-work
  • Poor relationships on the team

Our Solution

  • Define the 5 fundamentals to successfully working with a virtual team
  • Implement best practices when communicating virtually
  • Build trust in a virtual team
  • Motivate and recognize employees on a virtual team
  • Create an action plan to put virtual team fundamentals into practice

Managing Virtual Teams Course Outline

  • Discussion – what is a virtual team? why are they critical?
  • Statistics and Trends on virtual teams
  • Virtual Teams – Cases of great success and great failure
  • Build a Strong Team, Starting with You
  • Gather the Right People
  • Put Technology to Work
  • Master the Art of Communication
  • Build a Sense of “We”
  • Manage by Results
  • Building a practical for your virtual team

Target Audience

  • Those who lead or participate in geographically separate teams

Delivery Options

Managing Virtual Teams is available in the following delivery formats: Half-Day Training Workshop, Full Day Training Workshop, Multi-Session Webinar, and Live Virtual Instructor-led Classroom Training

Team Building Workshops

Virtual Team Management: Remote workers connecting via video conference technology.

Strategic, Tech-Focused, Results Driven

Managing Virtual Teams

Boost collaboration, productivity, and innovation by sending your virtual team leaders and members to our strategic training focused on implementing best practices for communication, relationship building, and results.

Managing Virtual Teams Training

Team Building Workshops: Teams engaged in group activities, building rapport and trust.

Strategic, Cohesive, Empowering

Building Successful Teams

Boost teamwork, collaboration, and results by sending your leaders and team members to our strategic and empowering workshop focused on building shared goals, trust, and effective working relationships.

Building Successful Teams Training

Building Successful Teams Workshop: A diverse team laughing together while completing a team building exercise outdoors.

Insightful, Strategic, Actionable

Developing & Managing Effective Teams

Boost team alignment, collaboration, and performance by leveraging our insightful team assessments and strategic development framework to create targeted action plans tailored to your team’s specific needs.

Managing Effective Teams Training

Team Building 101 Workshop: A new team leader presenting team goals on a whiteboard to engaged employees.

Fundamental, Interactive, Empowering

Team Building For
New Leaders

Boost new team leader success by leveraging our fundamental yet interactive team development training where they will gain the core techniques to expedite team growth, cultivate collaboration, and drive results.

Team Building For New Leaders

Building Teamwork & Commitment Workshop: Small groups sharing ideas while referring back to action plans posted on the walls.

Insightful, Trust-Building, Customized

Building Teamwork & Commitment

Reignite stalled teams by leveraging our insightful DiSC®-based workshop to rebuild trust and commitment with customized delivery focused directly on your team’s specific needs.

Building Teamwork & Commitment

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Workshop: Multi-generational team intently reviewing performance metrics on digital tablets.

Insightful, Customized, Transformational

Five Behaviors of A Cohesive Team

Get to the root of team dysfunction and catalyze performance by sending your group to our customizable workshop experience built around the renowned Five Behaviors model.

Five Behaviors Of A Cohesive Team


Need A Virtual Instructor-Led Team Training?

Building Virtual Teams

This virtually facilitated series helps you identify team purpose, maximize strengths, and create a more productive team environment.



Building Virtual Teams

Team Building & Improv In A Covid Era

The highly interactive, fun team-building activity brings Improv to a virtual environment and incorporates activities that incorporate your company’s core values.


Team Building & Improv

Launching High-Performing Teams

This half-day workshop for intact teams allows the group to create a shared understanding of what great teamwork looks like and how each person can add their unique value.


Launching High-Performing Teams

Launching New Teams With Lego Serious Play

This program uses the power of storytelling and making 3-dimensional models to quickly develop psychological safety and trust among team members.


Team Training With Lego Serious Play

MacGyver Team Challenge

Learn how to develop an agile mindset, diverge to seek more wild and novel ideas (Stretching what is possible), and teach tools that help reverse the assumptions we impose on ourselves.


MacGyver Team Challenge

Need Virtual Instructor-Led Training?

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