Our engineering and technical services client, upon winning a government opportunity, found that the in-place procurement team was not working as a team. The team members were bickering amongst themselves and filing grievances with their union steward and human resources.

TrainSmart Activities

TrainSmart’s HPT Consultant (Human Performance Technology) worked with the client to implement the following learning and change strategy:

  • Having all team members complete a Wiley Publishing Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile
  • Having the management team members complete an Everything DiSC® Management Profile
  • Generating an Everything DiSC® Culture Report for the entire team
  • Conducting a one-hour coaching session on DiSC® with each manager
  • Conducting two one-hour conference calls with the management team and the HR representative to review their DiSC® Profiles and the Culture Report
  • Conducting a four-hour lunch and learn with the entire purchasing team
  • Requesting that all team members establish their personal MyEverythingDiSC URL
  • Conducting two one-hour webinars to reinforce the lunch and learn


The Client’s procurement team is working together more effectively. They are underutilizing the Comparison Reports that can be produced via the MyEveythingDiSC urls. The one manager has not toned down his strong behaviors and personality which some employees find offensive.

The Client continues to engage TrainSmart for other performance improvement opportunities.