Quick Notes: We facilitated tailored workshops for Teamwork Communication and Behavioral Styles for Managers in Redondo Beach, CA.


Our IT consulting client in Redondo Beach, California wanted a corporate team building workshop that focused on building their team by improving relationships, communication, customer interactions, and on-site relationships, with emphasis on up-selling.

TrainSmart Activities

TrainSmart’s HPT Consultant (Human Performance Technology) worked with the client to create a workshop that had at its core the Everything DiSC® Workplace and Everything DiSC Management Profiles from Wiley Publishing.

The workshop focused on understanding behaviors and their application in communication and relationships both internal and external.

Post the workshop, the client asked TrainSmart to administer the Everything DiSC® Sales Profile to their sales team.  Of particular interest to them was the unlimited supply of Sales Interaction Maps that anyone completing the Sales Profile can generate from their MyEverythingDiSC account.


The Client’s team experienced improved relationships both internally and with their client base.  Upselling became a regular occurrence rather than an afterthought.  The sales team was able to strategize more effectively based on the use of the Sales Interaction Maps.

The client has invited TrainSmart back to conduct additional DiSC training.