Industry: Training For Manufacturing
Team Building Training For Executive Leadership Team


Our client is a well-established; global flooring manufacturer that was experiencing significant change in both business structure and leadership.  The client contacted TrainSmart and asked us to help them implement the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.  Based on Patrick Lencioni, the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team profile looks at the elements of Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results.

TrainSmart Activities

TrainSmart’s HPT Consultant (Human Performance Technology) worked with the client’s Talent Development Manager to implement Five Behaviors for a division’s executive leadership team of 12.  This process included a series of three half-day team building training workshops for the executive leadership team.

The Talent Development Manager co-taught two of the workshops and was then able to begin rolling the Five Behavior solution at the senior leadership level globally.

Next, TrainSmart established an EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) account for clients so that could distribute and recover the profiles, and produce all of the reports including Comparison Reports.

Recently, the client split into two global companies.  TrainSmart worked with the client to build another EPIC account and move to distribute completed profiles and reports to the appropriate EPIC account.

The client has been using the DISC Profile for many years; TrainSmart is helping them to implement the Everything DiSC® Product Family from Wiley Publishing.

To date, six client staff have been Certified in either Five Behaviors or Everything DiSC®.


The Client continues to work with TrainSmart and leans on us to assist with implementing both Five Behaviors and Everything DiSC® training globally.