Elevate Customer Experiences with Soft Skills Training

In today’s experience economy, customer service can make or break your reputation. While efficient processes and technical skills are important, it’s a service team’s soft skills that leave a lasting impression. That’s why customized training focused on critical interpersonal abilities is such a smart investment for any organization looking to stand out.

Partnering with TrainSMART, a women-owned company, provides your customer service team with tailored soft skills workshops designed around your brand, culture, and customer needs. Our expert coaches have years of real-world experience understanding exactly what your agents face each day. With training customized specifically for their roles, your team gains the skills to deliver truly exceptional experiences.

Training Built Around Your Service Approach

“Canned” or “Generic” customer service workshops just scratch the surface. For meaningful impact, employee soft skills training needs to map directly to your team’s daily responsibilities and environment.

TrainSMART team members take the time to immerse themselves in the details of your customer service approach. We customize training to fit your:

  • Brand voice, style, and terminology.
  • Service processes, tools, and workflows.
  • Primary customer personas and pain points.
  • Team culture, dynamics, and strengths/weaknesses.

With exercises tailored to your agents’ actual scenarios, the concepts resonate at a deeper level. The training or concept is “sticky”. Skills are easily adopted on the job for immediate improvement.

Core Soft Skills for Service Excellence

While customized, foundational competencies our training commonly develops include:

  • Communication: Active listening, mirroring, voice modulation, explaining complex topics simply
  • Conflict Resolution: Diffusing frustration, demonstrating empathy, guiding conversations to win-win resolutions
  • Developing Empathy: Reading emotional cues, building understanding through storytelling, making heartfelt connections
  • Positive Mindset: Exuding confidence, avoiding assumptions, focusing on solutions, embracing continuous growth
  • Teamwork: Supporting colleagues, collaborating to solve issues, celebrating shared wins

We coach nuanced application of techniques through roleplaying realistic scenarios your agents encounter.

The TrainSMART Difference: Emotional Intelligence Expertise

With our founding and leadership as a women-owned company, TrainSMART brings diverse perspectives and emotional intelligence expertise to every training program. Our philosophy centers on empathy, compassion, inclusion, psychological safety, and resilience.

Our empowering training style:

  • Focuses on seeing the human behind every call.
  • Promotes team collaboration and building confidence through shared experiences.
  • Teaches practical mindset shifts over rote call center “scripts”.
  • Embraces agent well-being as key to customer happiness.

Your team finds our approach genuine and motivating. They gain interpersonal skills that benefit customers and themselves.

An Investment in Your Reputation and Results

With training tailored to your service environment, your agents gain skills to deliver 5-star experiences that build loyalty and referrals. Additional benefits include:

  • More engaged, productive team environment.
  • Reduced escalations and complaint volumes.
  • Higher first contact resolution.
  • Increased agent satisfaction and retention.

Let the experts at TrainSMART tailor a soft skills training program designed specifically around your customer service approach and team. Contact us today to explore how we can help your agents form lasting connections, resolve issues empathetically, and drive customer satisfaction. Invest in your frontline team’s development with TrainSMART.