Work teams will often tell you that they now have half the people to do twice the work. Sometimes it’s because of budget cuts, mergers and acquisitions, layoffs, outdated role descriptions, and a cultural shift due to changing demands over time.

Morale declines. People are stressed and employee engagement decreases. Projects fall through the cracks deadlines are missed. A study at Temple University shows when people “reach cognitive and information overload,” brain activity declines in the portion of the brain responsible for making decisions and controlling emotions. The result: people start making bad decisions and errors increase.

Our Workload Management Skills training will help participants gain control of their workload and learn solutions to increase productivity and improve morale.

Workload Management Skills Course Outline


  • Two weeks prior to the workshop, attendees will receive a one-page matrix that they will be instructed to complete and bring to the workshop. The matrix will identify where their pain is. For instance, if they attend a meeting they believe was not productive, they will mark that on their matrix. If they are asked to do a task that they don’t have the proper tools or skills, they need to mark that as well.
  • One-on-one interviews with stakeholders to understand the current landscape and what drivers they perceive could be contributing to overload.

Day of Training

  • Where is the Pain? & Where is the Opportunity?
    • At their tables, participants will share their personal matrix. A leader will be selected to capture the top five common themes. Each work team will report their findings. A facilitated discussion will follow on the biggest themes.
  • What is the Solution?
    • Participants will then be able to self-select a theme they want to work on. At the newly formed teams, participants will come up with solutions to reduce the overload for that theme.
  • Assess Your Own Productivity
    • Participants will take an assessment and then be provided with some techniques to increase their personal productivity.
  • Create A Circle Of Experts
    • Participants identify an area where they want to be called on for their expertise. Perhaps, it’s using Excel or PowerPoint. Other team members know if they have to use a particular tool and are struggling with it, they can go to the expert. They will save time and reduce their stress. Participants commit to the circle before leaving the workshop.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who believes they have too much work and not enough time to produce a quality result

Delivery Options

  • Workload Management is available in the following formats: Custom-tailored Workshop


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    Leadership Training Workshops & Delivery Methods

    Coaching For
    Managers Success

    Strategic, Interactive, Impactful

    Equip leaders with a strategic 8-step coaching framework to set clear expectations, address performance gaps, and build managerial skills through interactive scenarios that drive organizational alignment, accountability, and culture improvements resulting in more motivated and high-achieving teams.


    Coaching For Managers Success


    Coaching Skills
    For Leaders

    Practical, Customizable, Solution-Oriented

    Master a customizable 3-step coaching dialogue, 5-step performance troubleshooting method, and conflict resolution model to overcome obstacles, enhance daily mentoring, boost employee efficacy through hands-on scenarios, and drive organizational performance with the tangible benefits of motivated, productive teams.


    Coaching Skills For Leaders

    Delegation Training
    For Managers

    Introspective, Empowering, Strategic

    Overcome personal roadblocks, optimize task distribution, build critical management skills, and boost productivity by up to 20% using research-backed delegation frameworks tailored to your context through an interactive workshop focused on strengthening leadership capabilities for empowering teams.


    Delegation Training For Managers


    Leaders Using DiSC

    Immersive, Strategic, Transformational

    Create visionary leaders across your organization equipped to define inspirational visions, gain alignment on goals, persuade teams, and flawlessly drive execution by discovering your unique DiSC style, strategic drivers, customized actions, and transformational mindsets during an intensive, immersive executive training experience.


    Developing Leaders Using DiSC


    Personal Leadership

    Innovative, Impact-Driven, Learner-Centric

    Discover your inner compass, strategically design a vision grounded in self-awareness and develop the skills for empowered resilience that allow you to lead authentically, optimize moments of choice, achieve clarity of purpose, and ultimately elevate teams through customized plans crafted from introspective assessments and value-driven modeling.


    Personal Leadership Training

    Effective Leadership

    Customized, Holistic, Empowering

    Discover your natural leadership style, strengthen capabilities across all levels of an organization, and develop the skills to inspire teams by matching the needs of any situation through assessments, group challenges, and a customized toolkit for flexible, authentic, empowered leadership that elevates colleagues and drives results.


    Effective Leadership Training


    Basic Leadership

    Fundamental, Customizable, Practical

    Our customizable leadership skills training workshop delivers practical techniques in a variety of flexible formats to provide new managers with the fundamental, essential tools to enhance their competencies in communication, motivation, delegation, change management, and handling conflicts, enabling participants to achieve higher levels of leadership performance.


    Fundamental Leadership Skills


    Performance Management

    Strategic, Structured, Motivating

    Drive organizational performance by learning to set aligned expectations, provide structured feedback, document employee progress, and conduct evaluation conversations with a motivational balance of inspiration and accountability to ultimately equip managers with the strategic leadership skills for building positive, productive teams.


    Performance Management Training


    Storytelling For

    Engaging, Strategic, Empowering

    Unlock your innate ability to inspire, influence organizational culture, and drive change by mastering the interactive frameworks and strategic narrative techniques used by the world’s top modern leaders to compellingly articulate vision and transmit values through personalized, empowering storytelling skills development.


    Storytelling For Leaders



    Aligning, Interactive, Empowering

    Ignite purpose-driven leadership by leveraging personalized MBTI profiles, imaginative team challenges, and facilitator-led discussions to interactively align individual strengths to organizational values, goals, and principles – uniting and empowering managers with insights and motivation for advancing collective success.


    Values-Based Leadership


    Workload Management

    Strategic, Hands-On, Applicable

    Learn to strategically align development to organizational needs, design engaging performance-focused training, balance effectiveness with appeal, and continually optimize workplace learning programs through intensive, hands-on practice grounded in real-world company contexts.


    Workload Management Training


    Workplace Culture

    Focused, Interactive, Empowering

    Regain focus, lower stress, and increase productivity by arming teams with personalized assessments, collaborative issue analysis, solution planning, productivity tactics, and an empowering circle of experts to conquer workload challenges through the interactive development of targeted customized recommendations.


    Workplace Culture Training



    Virtual Instructor-Led
    Leadership Workshops

    Values In Action Workshop

    This program leverages the power of storytelling – of catching others actively living out the organization’s core values. These personal stories of your values in action resonate with both the head and the heart.


    Virtual Core Values Training

    Candid Coaching Feedback

    During this session, participants will be actively engaged in an array of virtual techniques to ensure retention of concepts for how to coach effectively using trust-building techniques and conversation starters.


    Virtual Feedback Training

    Leading Without Authority

    During this session, participants will be actively engaged in an array of virtual techniques to ensure the retention of concepts that build confidence and highlight one’s true leadership skills across levels.


    Leading Without Authority Training

    Leading Through Growth & Change

    During this session, participants will be actively engaged in an array of virtual techniques to ensure retention of concepts for how to effective leadership through rapid growth and change.


    Leading Through Change Training

    Leading Change & Managing Effectively

    During this session, participants will be actively engaged in an array of virtual techniques to ensure retention of concepts for how to develop a different skill set to lead teams into the future.


    Managing Change Training

    Innovation For Leaders Workshop

    In this workshop, you will learn to define creativity and the innovative thinking process, and assess personal and team innovation and preferences.



    Innovation Training For Leaders