Boost Sales by Empowering your Sales Team with Soft Skills Training

A sales team’s hard skills only go so far. While product knowledge, systems proficiency, and market expertise are crucial, soft skills separate the good from great when it comes to driving revenue. Interpersonal abilities like relationship building, communication, and emotional intelligence allow salespeople to connect with prospects and close more deals while building and retaining long-term relationships. That’s why customized sales soft skills training is so valuable.

Partnering with TrainSMART equips your team with the nuanced abilities that enable sales success. Backed by decades of sales experience, we understand exactly what makes top performers stand out.

Customized to Your Sales Process & Style

Generic sales training rarely moves the needle on performance. For meaningful results, soft skills training needs to align with your team’s strengths, culture, and sales methodology.

TrainSMART takes a completely tailored approach based on in-depth competency assessments of your sales team and process analysis. Key areas we will customize include:

  • Sales Style: Consultative vs. prescriptive, relationship-focused vs. transactional, team vs. individual contributor models.
  • Strengths & Weaknesses: Assessed for each team member to target growth areas.
  • Sales Process: Training maps to your unique methodology and objectives.
  • Product/Service Nuances: Workshops incorporate industry-specific case studies.

With training tailored to your team in this way, concepts resonate deeply. Exercises have real-world applications, leading to the adoption of skills back on the job.

Core Soft Skills for Sales Excellence

While we customize training based on your team’s needs, core competencies we commonly include:

  • Rapport Building: Making emotional connections through skills like mirroring, inclusive language, and personalized small talk.
  • Active Listening: Demonstrating genuine interest in the prospect’s needs by asking thoughtful questions and listening without judgment.
  • Consultative Discovery: Asking the right questions to guide prospects through co-creating solutions.
  • Influencing & Persuading: Framing benefits persuasively, establishing credibility and appealing to emotions to influence prospects.
  • Dealing with Objections: Anticipating concerns, and addressing them confidently and collaboratively.

We build confidence in these areas through interactive exercises like roleplaying tailored sales scenarios. Participants receive personal feedback from sales experts on applying best practices.

A Nuanced, Empowering Approach

With decades of sales expertise, TrainSMART’s philosophy centers on emotional intelligence, ethics, empowerment, and unlocking human potential. This empowers participants to connect authentically.

Our training style:

  • Focuses on emotional intelligence and making human connections.
  • Teaches subtle influence skills without aggressive techniques.
  • Promotes asking discovery questions and listening to overprescribing.
  • Embraces diversity, ethics, and adding value as the key to “win-win” relationships.

Participants find this nuanced approach highly motivating. They gain confidence in reading others, knowing their strengths and key triggers so they can apply soft skills techniques in a way that feels authentic.

Invest in Your Team’s Sales Capabilities

Alongside technical expertise, sales soft skills training develops the interpersonal abilities that close sales. An investment in customized training makes the difference in powering revenue growth.

Contact TrainSMART to learn more about our sales team training approach. Let’s start a conversation about boosting your team’s skills through customized workshops tailored to your objectives and sales style. Unlocking their potential with soft skills training provides a direct path to improving connections, closing rates, and customer loyalty.